Oxford Welsh learners group


Just heard from Clive to say he can’t make it and I can’t either, as you know, so it doesn’t look very promising :disappointed: … not sure whether @cat-1 might be back from their hols, though? @rebecca ?


Thanks, John, for your account of the lit course at Nant Gwrtheyrn. That sounds great. Maybe I’ll do that next year.

I think “Better Late Than Never” Sue had mentioned that you were at Tan Y Bwlch the other week and you’d done or were doing a Welsh lit. course so I put 2 and 2 together wrongly.

I was at the Nant in May as well for a canolradd course. The tutor was new and took a while to hit her stride with the material, but overall it was worth going, though not as good, I’d say, as the Aberystwyth summer course (if you’re more of a south Welsh learner like me).


Probably my faulty Welsh! Sorry to have caused confusion.:confused:


Hello pawb! I’m back! Unfortunately so are the kids :fearful: so I’m not as free to appear at meet ups as I am in term time. BUT if anyone would like to meet for a one off Wednesday, or a picnic with plantos on any day perhaps then I’m all in! :grin:


Helo @cat-1 - a bit disorganised at the moment but I think I’d be up for a meetup on Wed with or without plantos (at first glance heb spectols thought you’d said with/without pianos :grinning:!)


Is anyone else up for a meetup this week?

Left my diary at home :angry: so can’t be 100% sure until I get back from Caerdydd later today, but I think should be able to make any day apart from Tuesday p.m.


I think that I could manage Wednesday as long as I leave Oxford by about 2pm to get back for shop duties. Where and when? @cat-1 Anywhere reasonably near the centre of Oxford would suit me.
The forecast doesn’t look too bad at the moment.
I don’t think that I can manage Monday or Thursday this week coming, but the following week is looking more possible.


Hi @Betterlatethan - in fact I just heard from @cat-1 and it doesn’t look as now as if she’ll be able to make it after all. I could do a 12:00 meetup on Wednesday, though, if that fits in with you - we could go to The Royal Blenheim or maybe the new Bodleian Library cafe?
Hwyl, John


Hi @johnwilliams_6
Yes to 12:00 on Wednesday. I suggest The Royal Blenheim because I think that it is likely to be quieter than the New Bodleian cafe at that time. If we go a bit further in, there should be more comfortable seats where my feet can touch the floor. I think it was @RichardBuck who described the seat near the door as a misericord, and we were wondering what that was in Welsh.
Hwyl, Sue


OK, @Betterlatethan - let’s have the Wednesday meet-up at 12:00 in The Royal Blenheim.

For anyone who might be interested in joining us and doesn’t know it, The Royal Blenheim is on the corner of St Ebbe’s and Pembroke Streets and very close to the new Westgate Shopping Centre.
Hwyl, John
PS Know what you mean about the seats inside the door - rather odd!


Helo @cat-1 @Betterlatethan @Laura_P_87 @RichardBuck @s-coates1 @rebecca @mikeellwood @ramblingjohn and anyone else who might like to join us. Now it’s peak holiday season with people off doing other things, just wanted to check meetup times/dates which would work best for the most people over the next few weeks.

Do please let me know if can make the usual Mon 1100/Thurs 1200 times or if other days/times would work better for you, i.e. don’t worry about what might work best for others!:slight_smile: (for my part, I can’t make the usual slots over the next couple of weeks, but could do afternoons or maybe even 9am on most weekdays - alternatively late morning onwards on Sat/Sun).

Hwyl, John


PS There is, of course, also the regular Wednesday 8.30pm meet-up, usually in Big Society, Cowley Rd, but remember to check with @s-coates1 for the latest details.


I could manage Monday or Thursday next week, morning or afternoon, but not any other day, then not at all the following week.


Diolch @Betterlatethan - I could do 2pm or later on Monday and/or Thursday - does that work for other people, or would you prefer a morning?


2pm is good for me, Monday or Thursday, but not both. I can fit other things around it. If anyone else can come on one day or the other then we could choose that day. Shall we surprise Mike in the Bap Cafe, go to the Royal Blenheim again (different table - my chair sagged so much that I was uncomfortably low) or do something else, e.g. stroll round Christchurch Meadow if the weather permits? The Town Hall does good cups of tea.


Hi @Betterlatethan - as we haven’t yet heard from any of the others, shall we make the meetup tomorrow (i.e. Monday) in the Royal Blenheim - would 2.15pm work for you rather than 2pm?


Hi @johnwilliams_6, Yes, see you at 2:15pm in the Royal Blenheim.


Sorry you two - I’m still off games. Even if my brain were with me, my children would be too! However, I’m still here, and hopefully soon I’ll manage to be there as well. :smile_cat:


This link
was posted by @Y_Ddraig_Las 4 days ago. It leads to the survey that we were talking about.


Diolch, Sue!