Oxford Welsh learners group


I can do Thursday (13th)


Thursday 13th will depend on what the dentist does and how long he takes. I might get to Oxford in time, but can’t promise. Thursday 20th is looking good at the moment.

Monday 17th at the Bap Cafe is possible, but I shall have to leave by 12:00.


Hi Sue, unless anyone else posts to say they’re coming tomorrow, let’s leave it for this week. I hope all goes well at the dentists :slight_smile:


I’m coming tomorrow :slight_smile:


Great, I’ll be there!


I didn’t see your post in time, @rachaelseculer-faber so I turned up anyway. :slight_smile: It was great that @RichardBuck was there too.

What did we offer to lend to each other? I got muddled about lending and borrowing. I have Hinterland 1 (could not find Y Gwyll 1) and I have Y Gwyll 3. My DVD of Y Gwyll 2 is currently on loan to my son and I hope to get it back some time soon, but not by next week.

I am planning to be at the Royal Blenheim next Thursday (20 Sep) but after that probably not until 18 Oct.

I thought that it was an amusing reversal that we switched to Saesneg at the end of the session because we met a Welshman who said that he could not speak Welsh. I wonder if he might remember a bit if we meet him again. At least he understood what we were saying.


Glad to hear you had a good meetup! :slight_smile:

I can offer some DVD’s for the pot as well, some films: ‘Patagonia’, ‘Hedd Wyn’, ‘Eldra’ & ‘Dan Y Wenallt’ (‘Under Milkwood’), plus Ifor ap Glyn’s S4C series ‘Popeth yn Gymraeg’


Thanks both. ‘Popeth yn Gymraeg’ sounds great, I’d love to borrow that please. I’m happy to wait for Y Gwyll season 2, I’ve seen season 1 in English already. I can lend some music CDs: ‘The Ultimate Guide to Welsh Folk’, an album by The Gentle Good, and Ghazalaw - a fusion of Urdu ghazal singing and Welsh folk.


I won’t be able to make it until the week after next, I’m afraid, but I’ll try to remember to bring ‘Popeth yn Gymraeg’ with me then.
I’d like to join the queue for the CD’s too :slight_smile: - the Ghazalaw I’ve seen Gwyneth Glyn talking about with a couple of clips on S4C, and I heard Gareth Bonello at the Eisteddfod so I’d like to hear a bit more.


Monday 17th is not convenient, so I shall not be at the Bap cafe unless anyone else says that they will definitely be there 11 - 12.


Update on borrowing.
I am hoping to meet my son on 28 September and retrieve Y Gwyll 2, but it is likely to be 18 Oct before I can turn up with it at the Royal Blenheim. I can be there on 20 September, but probably not for the 3 weeks following.

Yes please, I should love to borrow ‘The Ultimate Guide to Welsh Folk’, and also to join the queue for ‘Popeth yn Gymraeg’.



I was at the Royal Blenheim on 20 September, waited for half an hour, but nobody else came. Never mind, I was able to spend the time reading a few pages of “Cobain Mair” by Gwyneth Carey.

Is anyone planning to be at the Bap Cafe on Monday at 11:00?


I’m so sorry, Sue. I woke up late (wasn’t ready to leave the house till about 12:20) and wasn’t sure whether you had meant you’d definitely be there today, so I thought I’d better go straight to work. Sorry.


Hi @rachaelseculer-faber.
Not to worry! After all, you didn’t say that you would be there. Hope to see you on 18th Oct.


I can make next Thursday but not Monday unfortunately :disappointed:


Back in Oxford now and I’ll be going along to the Thursday’s 12:00 meetup (27th) in the Royal Blenheim - do post a message if you’re planning to be there. (I could also make Wednesday 26th if that works better for people)
Hwyl, John


Welcome back @johnwilliams_6.
Sorry, I can’t get to Oxford either on Wednesday or Thursday.
I should be able to make it to the Bap Cafe on Monday 1st October at 11am if anyone else is likely to be there. I shall have to rush away as usual.


Helo pawb! Glad you’re back @johnwilliams_6 :grinning:
I’m working all this week, but I’m hoping to be back next week at some point. :mouse:


Just heard from Clive to say that he’ll be there on Thursday, although " Tipyn hwyr efallai "


Any of you lot around next Tuesday? Fancy a pint?

Actually make that a panad, I’ll be leaving at about 3 to drive home… :scream: