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Just received this e-bost from from Mike:

  • Yes we could fit in that many. You could park in the pub. We could close the business for 2 hours to accommodate you. Like I say, no pressure but it may work for all! Hwyl, Mike

So looks as if we have a venue if everyone can get there and back to work etc in time - waiting to hear from @RichardBuck @rebecca @Laura_P_87 about this - the pub by the way is on the corner across the road from Cafe Bap


Sorry, I thought I’d said a definite Yes in the pub - Yes, my Tuesday morning class will have finished by then, and I don’t have to rush off, either. I’ll be there!


Diolch @RichardBuck !


Can’t wait! :mrs_claus:


Has Mike said what sort of food he can provide? And does he want us to order in advance?


Not yet (I’ll ask) but, yes, I’d think he might want our orders in advance


Helo pawb - while Mike is coming up with some menu ideas for the 18th, does anyone have specific preferences(:fries:?) / dislikes (:broccoli:?) or allergies (:cold_sweat:?) that you’d like me to tell him about? I know there’ll need to be a vegetarian option/options :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John


No allergies, and strong dislikes only of certain things like some offal that are unlikely to be relevant, but definite preference for free-range/higher welfare animal products (& happy re paying appropriately for same) if at all possible.


No allergies. Not keen on boiled cabbage.


:open_mouth: Why on earth not??? :wink:
My only request is to not be fed fish please! :nauseated_face::fish::nauseated_face:


A quick bump for a post-Nadolig/post-New Year blast of fresh air anyone?


I just don’t eat beef at the moment and will possibly opt for a vegetarian option. My usual preference is not for anything too spicy but don’t imagine that will be an issue!


I have put in two Fridays and a Saturday, rather nervously. How far, how fast, starting from where? Hips and knees are not what they once were. Starting from central Oxford is OK. Remote locations would be difficult. On the Thursdays I shall be on short “strolls” of 3.5 miles with the Ramblers, weather permitting.


Diolch Laura :slightly_smiling_face:


Diolch Sue - really, it all depends who can make it - in the past it’s been about 5 miles and not very fast - if plantos are involved might be shorter and slower!:slightly_smiling_face: The start’s likely to be from somewhere accessible by public transport, e.g. in the past we’ve started out from Oxford Station on several occasions. Once we’ve got an idea of who might be interested we can tailor the route accordingly
Hwyl John


Here’s what Mike has come up with (@RichardBuck I’ll check wit him about the source of the chicken & bacon):

  • Crackers (translate the joke before you tell it)

I ddechrau:

  • Seasonal veggie soup with sour dough toast
  • Goat’s cheese, cherry tomato and Dijon mustard quiche

Prif Cwrs:

  • chicken breasts wrapped in bacon served with French mustard sauce
  • nut roast with French mustard sauce
  • Hefo roast potatoes, sprouts, sage and onion stuffing, roast pumpkin cranberry sauce.


  • Vegan cake of choice
  • Caws a biscedi

Te a choffi - You can bring your own booze for corkage too if you’d like.

£22 per person


… and before I forget :slightly_frowning_face:, here are this week’s meetups

  • Monday, 10 Dec from 11am in Cafe Bap, Abingdon Rd
  • Wednesday 12 Dec from 8.30pm in The Big Society, Cowley Rd (check with @s-coates1)
  • Thursday, 13 Dec in The Royal Blenheim, St Ebbe’s/Pembroke St from 12 noon

I won’t be able to make it on Thursday, so do let people know if you’re planning to be there
Hwyl, John


Soup chicken cake please!


I can’t make it on Thursday, but look forward to seeing as many as possible on Tuesday 18th.


Do say, pawb, if you’re planning on being there - so far only @rebecca has said she’s hoping to be there - @cat-1? @RichardBuck?