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Just a wee note that it’s looking like the Wednesday night meet up isn’t happening tonight (non-SSIWers are meeting in another pub for a music thing, Sam is ill, and I’m just probs not going to go). But normal service (in James Street Tavern) resumes next week.



OK, thanks for the headsup, Laura
Hwyl, John


That sounds like a superb idea. :slight_smile:

John, I’m getting slightly tentative about time - I think probably best to say 2 - I can’t see how it could run beyond that in any sane universe, but it isn’t the kind of talk I’d want to cut short if by any chance it’s still rolling…

So we could maybe say I shall be quite at leisure in the King’s Arms from 2 (so if any young men come for my other daughters, send them in…;-)).


Out? After dark? Are you all mad?
Anyone want to do the school run and bedtime for three small maniacs so I can come too???


My absolute limit is two… :wink:

I’ve heard things like ‘adults talking to each other’ can happen in public houses after dark, and I’m determined to investigate.


That’s possibly why I endured the social ridicule of learning to juggle as it is the only useful solution to the Not Enough Arms school of parenting.

May the god of beer speed you on your way to discovery.


OK Aran, 2-ish in the King’s Arms is good for me, welai i chdi yno! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll be around until 3:30, would love to hang out! Though I’m afraid you will find that I haven’t improved much since the last time we met :roll_eyes:

See (some of) the rest of you in The Royal Blenheim later today :blush:


Oh yes, you have! :slightly_smiling_face:


You are too kind, John! (Thank you!)


Hi @aran me and Laura would love to see you - we can rock up to the Kings Arms from about 6:30 (I’ve got a work day in London) if you still plan to be about by then?


I hope to be there from about 2 to 3:30.


I may make Tuesday pm (complicated by possible strike action) but I don’t think I can make the Blenheim today. Mae (dal? eto? wastad!??) anwyd arna’i a dw i jysd eisiau mynd adra, ella i wely :frowning:


Gwella’n fuan, Richard - welwn ni chdi dydd Mawrth, felly, gobeithio


It would be great to see you! I can very easily still be at the King’s Arms by then - possibly starting to think in terms of food, and either eating there or moving on somewhere else - but if you’re running late and I move on, I’ll update in here… :slight_smile:

Otherwise - I’m going to aim for 2ish, but we have a new variable - I wasn’t sure if my great-aunt was going to be well enough for a visit or not, but it turns out that she is - so I’m now going:

11.00 - meeting
11.00 + x - bread&cheese lunch at great-aunts
11.00 + x + y - King’s Arms.

So I think 2 still looks a reasonable target - the 11.00 meeting might be all over and done in an hour, in which case it’s easy - if it runs to a couple of hours, that still gives me time to pop out to Marston, but might make me 15 or 20 minutes late for the King’s Arms.

Sorry - my life is often this hard to pin down, so it seems fairly normal by now - and not best practice for asking other people if they’d like to practise some Welsh! But I’ll update in here as things become clearer… :slight_smile:


Perfect! I imagine @Laura_P_87 will get there a bit earlier so we can keep in touch about your moves!


Hi Aran - I was wondering whether we might invite any interested members of Cymdeithas Dafydd ap Gwilym to join us - what do you think?


Sure, if you think they’d be interested - the more the merrier for practising… :slight_smile:


Helo pawb - as it looks as if everyone who might have come to a Monday meetup will be meeting up with Aran on Tuesday, we’ll forget about Monday and meetup up instead in the King’s Arms on Tuesday at 1pm which will give us a chance to ‘warm up’ our Welsh before Aran arrives :slightly_smiling_face: - and don’t forget that if early afternoon doesn’t suit, you can join Sam and Laura who’ll be arriving at the King’s Arms around 6.30pm to meet up with Aran too.

So, plans for next week:

  • Tues 29 Jan 1pm AND 6.30pm in King’s Arms, Holywell St/Parks Rd
  • Wed 30 Jan 8.30pm in James Street Tavern, James St., East Oxford (maybe check with @s-coates1 on this)
  • Thurs 31 Jan 12:00 in the Royal Blenheim , St Ebbe’s/Pembroke St

Hwyl, John


It’s not impossible (although it will be a sign that things are running rather later than planned) that it will also give you the chance to eavesdrop on my meeting with Routledge (which might be quite interesting if it’s run on that long…;-)).

[She said where shall we meet, and I looked shocked at the suggestion that anyone would meet anywhere other than the King’s Arms.] :slight_smile:

So if you see me leaving just as you arrive, I’m not trying to avoid you, I’m just playing catch-up… :smiley: