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Diolch, Sue - I’m pretty sure I will be :slightly_smiling_face:


Helo pawb - if any of you would like a bit of a challenge (and, I confess, it is a bit of a challenge :slightly_smiling_face:), you might take a peep here at the newly published 2018/2019 edition of Y Drych, the journal of our ffrinidiau in Cymdeithas Dafydd ap Gwilym (Oxford University’s Welsh society): Y Drych
Hwyl, John
PS Just to say, back in circulation now and looking forward to the boat trip :slightly_smiling_face:


@bethan-williams-1 and I were looking at Christchurch Meadows from the boat, and thinking that it would be pleasant to have a walk round. Could we perhaps consider meeting as usual at Cafe Bap one Wednesday, having a quick drink, and then walking round the Meadows? There is a way in behind the Head of the River I think, and that would be closest. @johnwilliams_6? Everyone else?


That’s a great idea, Sue - we’d need to let people know in advance of course, to make sure no one turns up at the Cafe to find we’ve gone, but that’s not a problem :slightly_smiling_face:


Sori pawb - a bit late with a reminder for this week’s meetups :frowning:

  • Wednesday morning, 21 Aug from 10:30am in Café Bap, Abingdon Rd
  • Wednesday evening 21 Aug 8.30pm in James Street Tavern , James St., East Oxford ( @s-coates1 is the evening meetup continuing over the summer?)
  • Friday morning, 23 Aug from 12:00 in the King’s Arms, Holywell Street

Don’t forget that since last week our regular pattern of meetups has changed! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John


PS Catrin has posted her photos from Sunday’s boat trip here:


A quick memory jog that, as last week, today’s (Friday) meetup will be at the new time of 12:00 in the King’s Arms - hope you can make it :slightly_smiling_face:

Also for our next walk+sgwrs I’m suggesting either Sat 22 or Sun 23 Sep - let me know if you think you might be interested
Hwyl, John


Helo pawb - our daytime meetups for next week will continue to follow the now regular pattern:

  • Wednesday morning, 28 Aug from 10:30am in Café Bap, Abingdon Rd
  • Friday morning, 30 Aug from 12:00 in the King’s Arms, Holywell Street

However I won’t be able to make the meetups next week or the week after so, if you’re planning on going along, please do post a message and check this thread beforehand to make sure that you’ll have someone to chat with! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John

PS If you’re wondering what’s happened to the 8.30pm Wed evening meetups in the James St Tavern, Sam Coates has now moved to Cardiff so we’re not certain if those are continuing.


I plan to be at Cafe Bap on Wednesday 28th, but I can’t come to the King’s Arms on Friday.
The following week I have a meeting on Wednesday and can’t come, but I should be there on Friday.


I plan to be at cafe Bap on Wednesday 28th however I won’t be able to meet up on Friday 30th this week. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! Hwyl Bethan.


I’m very sorry I won’t be able to meet tomorrow in cafe Bap as planned as my daughter has been taken ill with high temperature and laryngitis. Will see you all next week. Bethan


I hope your daughter will be better soon, @bethan-williams-1

Nobody else has replied, so I will not be there either.


Thank you Sue. Very sorry I can not make it. Bethan


Hello all. Sadly my shifts are not very conducive to attending Welsh meetups at the moment, and I also need to dash up to Ynys Môn next week to see my mum who’s not well, but I’m very much hoping to reappear in a couple of weeks’ time. Sorry to hear your daughter isn’t well Bethan.
Hwyl am rŵan,


Helo Chris, sorry your mother is not well. Looking forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks. Hwyl Bethan


A quick reminder about next week’s meetups:

  • Wednesday morning, 4 Sept from 10:30am in Café Bap, Abingdon Rd
  • Friday morning, 6 Sept from 12:00 in the King’s Arms, Holywell Street

As you know I won’t be able to make it this week so, if you’re hoping to be there, don’t forget to post a message to let others know! :slightly_smiling_face:


Are these definitely not happening now? I’ll remove them from the newsletter if they’re not.


The evening sessions were set up independently by Sam but he doesn’t know if they’re still going ahead - I think the only ones using SSiW were he and Laura (also now in Cardiff) so probably best to drop them from the newsletter now.
It is a pity though not to have any evening meetups. Might it be possible to include something in the newsletter asking anyone who might be interested in having evening meetups to get in touch with me? Maybe we could get something under way if there are a few people out there who can only make evenings :slight_smile:
Hwyl, John


Haia pawb - just to say that I can’t make anything this week, but will be along next Friday. Edrych ymlaen!


Hello! I’m planning to go to Cafe Bap this Wednesday 4th September, not yet sure whether I can make Friday 6 th September. Hwyl Bethan