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I’m the other way round from @bethan-williams-1. I can’t go on Wednesday but I can go on Friday.


Just wondering if anyone else is going to Cafe Bap tomorrow as I don’t really want to be there on my own? Sorry you can’t make it Sue! Look forward to seeing you soon in any case. Bethan


I will be able to make it to the King’s Arms tomorrow! Edrych ymlaen! Bethan


Time for a reminder about this week’s meetups:

  • Wednesday morning, 11 Sept from 10:30am in Café Bap, Abingdon Rd
  • Friday morning, 13 Sept from 12:00 in the King’s Arms, Holywell Street

I won’t be there again on Wednesday this week and it looks unlikely I’ll be able to make it on Friday so, as last week, if you’re hoping to be there don’t forget to post a message to let others know (I’m back the following week)! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, as James St Tavern evening meetups are now in doubt, do say if you might be interested in a regular evening meetup in the city centre and we’ll see if anything can be arranged.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hwyl, John
PS Don’t forget too there’s a walk pencilled in for Sat 21/Sun 22 Sept (see Oxford Walks thread)


I’m hoping to be at cafe Bap tomorrow at 10.30. Hwyl Bethan


I’m expecting to start making Fridays again, now term’s starting - how about it, @owen-mcknight?


Yes! Planning to be at the KA this Friday, at least. I have a student who’s learning Welsh too so I’ll let her know.


Excellent! :slightly_smiling_face:


Helo pawb. I can’t make it tomorrow but am intending to make an appearance at the KA on Friday. Wela i chi cyn bo hir. (Or something similar!)


I expect to be at Cafe Bap tomorrow.


I’m not sure whether or not I’ll make it back from a work trip in time for Friday’s meetup after all. Mae’n ddrwg 'da fi!


Apologies to all, and especially @chris-roberts. I have to see the doctor in Abingdon on Friday 20th and therefore can’t be at the Kings Arms. I can bring the book on Friday 27th. It’s worth waiting for.

I could be at Cafe Bap on Wednesday 18th - but only if someone else says that they will be there.



Dim problem Sue - it’ll probably take me a while to get round to reading it anyway. I’m on nights the week after next and I’ll be asleep on the Friday, but I’ll probably be able to make it to the Bap on the 25th. I’m sure our paths will cross again before too long!


I have a meeting on 25th and can’t get to the Bap. Oh well, one day.


Just to confirm It’s the usual pattern for next week’s meetups:

  • Wednesday morning, 18 Sept from 10:30am in Café Bap, Abingdon Rd
  • Friday morning, 20 Sept from 12:00 in the King’s Arms, Holywell Street

Also, having got back yesterday, I’m planning on going to both of these so hope to see you there either in Cafe Bap or the KA (or both :slightly_smiling_face:)

Hwyl, John


Helo! I can’t make it to Cafe Bap this Wednesday however looking forward to seeing everyone at KA on Friday 20th. Hwyl Bethan


Just to say there’ll be a walk+sgwrs to Radley Lakes next Sunday 22 Sept - see Oxford Walks thread for details
Hwyl, John


Bit crowded today in the KA so I’m in the back bar


Good to bump into you today @bethan-williams-1. Sadly my Welsh was so mangled that I think I accidentally invented a new past tense (!) but I hope you got the general idea…


Ha ha! Well all languages are continually evolving aren’t they! Good to bump into you too Chris! Thank you also to John and Richard for interesting scwrs! Look forward to seeing you all again soon. Hwyl Bethan