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I think you are doing well with the Welsh! Chris-Roberts it’s difficult to unexpectedly chat with someone in the middle of a busy street!!


Definitely true! If it’s any consolation @chris-roberts even my English gets mangled sometimes when I bump into someone unexpectedly!:slightly_smiling_face:


Now the summer holiday period is well and truly over :frowning: maybe it’s a good moment to have another look at our meetup schedule. So, pawb:

  • How do the current days and times suit you?
  • Could another day or time work better for you?
  • Does the King’s Arms work as well as e.g. the Royal Blenheim as a venue?
  • Would you like there to be evening meetups?
  • Any other ideas/suggestions/questions?

Let me know your thoughts @RichardBuck @cat-1 @Betterlatethan @rebecca @rachaelseculer-faber @jane-18 @bethan-williams-1 @mouselovinlady @thomasd @chris-roberts - if there are any potential newcomers out there who are interested in joining us but haven’t yet been in touch, we’d very much like to hear your thoughts on all this as well, don’t be shy! :slightly_smiling_face:

In the meantime, meetups will be following the existing pattern so this week they’ll be:

  • Wednesday morning, 25 Sept from 10:30am in Café Bap, Abingdon Rd
  • Friday morning, 27 Sept from 12:00 in the King’s Arms, Holywell Street

Hwyl, John


PS We can’t tag more than 10 people at a time so @claireesau @ruth-connor @owen-mcknight please consider yourselves included on the list in the previous message (and with apologies to anyone I’ve inadvertently missed) :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi John
I am really hoping to get to a Friday sometime. Work can be a bit hit and miss with getting away at lunch time but this is the only one I can do really. I am hoping to join you a week Friday all being well. :crossed_fingers:


Sorry, I’ve been struggling to get our during the week, even now the holidays are over. But will pop along if the opportunity arises!


Hi all, apologies from me too, I was away for a couple of weeks (holiday in Poole then visiting family in Newport), then the end-of-summer beginning-of-term transition just got on top of me (double apology to @Betterlatethan for going awol with your books!)

Meet-ups as they stand look good to me. The only minor thing is that I’ll have my baby on Wednesdays and I don’t think Cafe Bap has high chairs (also not much space for the pram but I can leave that at home :slightly_smiling_face: Actually I don’t think the King’s Arms has high chairs either, but there’s much more space for a pram. I’ll be on my own on Fridays though so moot!)

Since you mentioned other days, my schedule is:
Monday free (just childminder pick-up and drop-off at 9am, 4pm)
Tuesday free after 11am
Wednesday free (with baby)
Thursday free (generally on my own)
Friday as Monday.

Regarding location, I’m not too familiar with the pubs in Oxford, although happy with anywhere central as I get the bus from Botley.

I’m not sure whether I’ll make Wednesday 25th, but I’m definitely intending to be there on Friday :grinning:


Helo pawb. I’m planning to be at cafe Bap on Wednesday and hopefully at KA on Friday. Bethan


Sorry, can’t manage either this week. Hoping for both next week.


… and I’ll be there as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Diolch for your replies @ruth-connor @thomasd @claireesau and Clive who has emailed: "“Personally,I like Friday at noon in the KA;but could do another time that day”

Hwyl, John


Very well. Wednesdays and Fridays are normally my best days - just not this week.

Anywhere in central Oxford is OK. The King’s Arms gets crowded, but probably so does everywhere else. Maybe people who want to have lunch would like to comment on the suitability of their offering.

I would be unlikely to attend.


Hi John,
I’m fairly happy with the meetups as they are. I prefer weekday daytime meetups but the day doesn’t really make any difference as my shift pattern is fairly random. 12 noon is good for me but I do find the KA a lot noisier at that time & I struggle to hear when there’s background noise, even if people are speaking in English! Having said that everywhere else is probably equally busy around lunchtime…


Hello all,
I’ll be at Café Bap tomorrow, but not at the King’s Arms on Friday due to my night shifts this week.


In back room of KA with Clive. Bethan


Diolch @bethan-williams-1 @RichardBuck and Clive for this lunchtime’s KA sgwrs :slightly_smiling_face:

One of the things we discussed was possibly a change of venue for the Friday lunchtime meetup as the KA’s pretty busy then and quite noisy, One possibility might be our previous venue, The Royal Blenheim, which was much quieter but they had stopped serving food after their cook left hence our move to the KA - unfortunately though the RB is still without a cook.
What do you think, pawb? Stay with The King’s Arms? Go back to food-less The Royal Blenheim? Or could you suggest a good alternative which is reasonably central but quieter than the KA? Over to you @RichardBuck @cat-1 @Betterlatethan @rebecca @rachaelseculer-faber @jane-18 @bethan-williams-1 @mouselovinlady @thomasd @chris-roberts


… and @claireesau @ruth-connor @owen-mcknight :slightly_smiling_face:


I wouldn’t be eating lunch so happy to change to a foodless venue if everyone else is OK with it.


The Turf was always quiet, and still does food I think. Lots of little corners instead of big echoey rooms.


I would be happy to give the Turf a try.

I have sampled the food at the King’s Arms and I am not too keen on it. (A few slivers of grated beetroot and a sprig of kale do not make a salad in my opinion.) Yes, it does get uncomfortably noisy, so it would be good to change the venue.

Lack of food might keep the Royal Blenheim suitably quiet at lunch time. Idea - they could order in a selection of baps from Mike. (Only joking.)

Who does want lunch? I might have lunch if it were available, otherwise I am happy to stick to coffee. (Dw i’n trio colli ychydig o bwysau.)



I usually do eat, but could snack before or after, if we wound up somewhere food-free. The sandwiches at the KA are… unexciting, but OK. I would be happy to go back to the Blenheim or try the Turf.