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O’n i’n gobeithio dangos y blodau yn y coed i chi, ond alla i ddim. Felly, dyma lun. (I was hoping to show you the flowers in the wood but I can’t. So, here is a picture.)
It’s not great as a photo, but I hope it gives the idea.


Helo pawb
The now-regular pattern of virtual meetups via Zoom (you’ll find it much simpler than Slack :slightly_smiling_face:) continues this week (login details as before)

  • 10:30am Wednesday 22nd April
  • 12:00 Friday 24th April

Please do get in touch if there’s anything you’re unclear about :slightly_smiling_face:
Cadw’n saff, John


Helo bawb. I’ve been in bed feeling ill with a sore throat etc (nothing coronavirusy!) so I don’t think I’ll be joining you tomorrow unless I’m feeling a lot better. I had a quick look at the croesair and could only do about 3 clues at first glance but I am intending to have a proper go at some point.


Helo Chris - hope you’ll be feeling much better soon.
Good luck with the croesair - I found it took me a few days to “get my eye in” for that
Hwyl, John


Get well soon @chris-roberts. You might hope that the current precautions would stop the spread of other viruses, but maybe not.


Hi Chris hope you will be better soon. Bethan


Just to say how much I enjoyed today’s Zŵm. Thank you, John, for scanning the crossword, to Alan for sharing it on screen, and to us all for struggling our way through it!


Hear hear. That was fun.


Yes, that worked quite well, didn’t it - I wonder if Gowlg are planning on producing any more :slightly_smiling_face:
Here’s Alan’s copy with the completed clues:


Thank you John, Alan and everyone I enjoyed it too!


Here are the official atebion for the croesair. The only one we got wrong-ish was 3 down for which they had ewn and we had eon, but ewn is just an alternative form of eofn/eon anyway so we were right-ish as well :slightly_smiling_face: The mystery of 29 across now solved, but I confess I’m none the wiser :confused:
scan0001.pdf (239.4 KB)
Hwyl, John
PS Did anyone try some of the cliwiau cymhleth?


Helo pawb
Just to confirm the regular pattern of virtual meetups via Zoom continues this week (login details as before)

  • 10:30am Wednesday 29nd April
  • 12:00 Friday 1st May

Do get in touch if you need any help :slightly_smiling_face:
Cadw’n saff, John

PS This year you’re going to be deprived of the opportunity on May Day of getting up before dawn and heading down to Magdalen College to listen to the choir singing from the top of the tower while you’re surrounded by, mostly drunken, students dressed in their May Ball finery from the night before :wink: So Daily Info has stepped into the breach and is going to be providing a virtual May Morning for you:


I’m sorry I won’t be able to join you for zwm today as I am slightly unwell with small outbreak of shingles on my arm! Nothing to be concerned about probably stress related!! Have a good time. Hwyl Bethan


Sorry to hear that Bethan. I’m afraid that although I went back to work yesterday I’m still feeling a bit under the weather and not really up to sgwrsio today either. My sense of smell disappeared and quite a few of my colleagues (+ a couple of patients) have had coronavirus now so I’m starting to wonder if I also had it. Hard to tell really. Despite all the headlines recently we’re still not routinely being tested unless we have a cough and/or temp. I’m hoping to be fully up and running again by Friday’s meetup. Thanks for the crosswords John - I’m still intending to have a go at them once my brain feels up to it!


Yes, sorry to hear that, Bethan - that’s nasty. I hope you’re feeling better soon and that the rash clears up quickly without any ongoing pain


Oh dear, yes that does sound very much like coronavirus, Chris - hope your managing to get plenty of rest and will be feeling better soon


Chris that does sound like coronovirus. Look after yourself and make a full recovery. I hope that you now have some immunity to it - on the positive side! I’m sure I will feel better soon!


I’m having internet problems with the laptop but hope to join you.


Get well soon, @chris-roberts and @bethan-williams-1.


Diolch Sue