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Thanks! I expect it will be ok ! He will be wearing mask and gloves!


Helo pawb,
I am trying to track down two books from the Stori Sydyn series. “Inc” and “Y Stelicwr” by Manon Steffan Ros. I know that I lent them to somebody quite a while ago, but I can’t remember who it was.


It was me! I’m afraid I’ve been very slow with my Welsh reading. I’ve read “Y Stelciwr” but not “Inc” yet. I’ve also got your copy of “Y Gosb” by Geraint Evans.


I’ll bring them to Radley when we meet up for the walk.


Hi @chris-roberts
If you would like to hang on to “Inc” and “Y Gosg” until you get a chance to read them then that’s fine. I just wanted to find out what I had done with them. Or would you like to swap them for “Stryd y Bont”? It’s a nice easy read to get the confidence up and a fun story.


Thanks Sue - maybe I’ll give “Stryd Y Bont” a go.


I will be on zwm tomorrow at 10.30. plumber is now coming on Thursday. Bethan


I can see you have zwm problem now Sue so I m leaving too! I really enjoyed scwrs! Cadw’n ofalus Hwyl Bethan


Hi Bethan,
I was really enjoying that, but BT had other ideas. My broadband went out - red light on the router. It seems to be more or less OK now.
Hwyl, Sue


Is anyone else finding a message “Sorry! We’re currently doing some essential maintenance on” when they try to get to the forum? Luckily I still have an e-mail with a link to here, so I can get in that way.


I’ve rejoined if you want to continue !


I’ve given up and shut the laptop off. Also the router seems a bit undecided. Sometimes OK, sometimes not. I look forward to seeing you on Zoom on Friday. Meanwhile I hope that the plumber does his stuff well.


Diolch Sue, look forward to seeing you on Friday. Bethan


Helo pawb - same days and times as usual for this week’s Zoom meetups - but the sgwrs is always different. Why not join us? Get in touch if you should need login details :slightly_smiling_face:

  • 10:30am Wednesday 19th August
  • 12:00 Friday 21st August

PS And don’t forget the Radley walk+sgwrs on Saturday 22nd - see


I’m in actual Wales!

Haven’t managed to speak any actual Welsh yet though.


That looks so nice. Hope you have a nice time.


Very nice too! And I’m feeling slightly ashamed to say I don’t know where those photos were taken :slightly_frowning_face:

Good luck with finding someone to have a sgwrs with!


That looks wonderful. I do hope that your weather is better than ours.


The first picture is the north Anglesey coast near the ruins of the hen gwaith brics at Porth Wen. The second one is Beaumaris in a gloomy light…


Yes for once it seems that the weather was better on Anglesey than it was in Oxford.