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Parti 10 party-goers... come and say hello!


Helo Pawb! Ali (Alison) dw’i.
Born and bred in Llanelli and still here but, if Colin from last September’s Bwtcamp is coming to the parti, we are not going to talk Scarlets or about the hiraeth I have for the now gone Parc y Strade, the shadow of which, I happily grew up under … are we Col?! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I have three grown up sons (my pride and joy because they are decent human beings), and two dogs.
I work as a triage nurse in Ysbyty Tywysog Philip, Llanelli. My background is A&E and midwifery.
My goals now are to have as much Welsh in my life as is possible and, to live peacefully.
I can’t wait to retire and get my free bus pass in seven years time!!!
I’m a mixed ‘bag’ in that I love to sing and dance, I’m not shy but, I can also be very quiet and thoughtful. I like people to be kind to each other and not judge. Which must be why I feel so comfortable within the SsiW community. Can we build our own village please?!
I am SO looking forward to being with everyone. xxx


And tonight I’m working on ward 3 at PPH.


You must come and say hello!!! I’m in by half seven!! xx


This is not the first time this has been mentioned, I’m in. :+1:


I’m Dee and I’ve been hanging out with SSiW for quite some time now :slight_smile:

I tend to have itchy feet - 6 years in one place is my record - but I do love Cymru and I love speaking Cymraeg, and I especially love spending time with SSiWers so I’m really looking forward to the Parti!

This photo is when I was melting in 40C heat in Lisbon last summer, though it was taken at night so probably only around 35C by then.



That’s actually in the business plan we’re presenting to some possible partners/investors at the moment! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

[Okay, it’s at the more ‘fingers crossed’ end of the plan, but still… :wink: ]

Mari, you’re a Splott girl?! I’m so delighted to find that out. One of my best friends is from Splott… :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m Gareth & live in the High Peak, Derbyshire.

My love of Cymru & the language began when I was very little.
Every year we’d visit my Grandad’s brothers & sisters on the Llyn Peninsula. All are 1st language speakers & who’d absolutely spoil us rotten, want to know all the gossip from Buxton and insist on feeding us copious amounts of sandwiches, Tea & bara brith until we could barely move!. I’d ask them to teach me Welsh on each and every visit but never got any further than that.

Last year I started to look for a way to finally learn the language & came across SSIW. It was the answer i’d been looking for! I’m on the 6 mins a day course and currently at the beginning of level 2, although I haven’t managed to join as many of the hangouts as I’d like…so my speaking confidence isn’t huge.

Really looking forward to meeting everyone at the Party and getting to know people, and i’m sure after a few trips to the bar, will help to get any/all the Welsh i know out! :beers:

1978 - my first ever visit to Aberech Road, Pwllheli to see Aunti Mair. (on the left wearing glasses) We always stayed in the cottage next door to her and she taught me my first ever Welsh…Bore da!

Me in the present day (sadly not sporting the 70’s bowl cut!!) on the Pontcysllte canal


You haven’t changed a bit!




Hello, pawb. I’m Catriona - but pretty much everyone knows me as Cat. I’ve finished all 3 Levels of the course and am an avid follower of Beca a’i Phobl, as well as a regular on @siaronjames’s Friday night Dangos a Dweud hangout.

I am very excited about being back in Gogledd Cymru - my mother’s family, who were all first language Welsh speakers, came from over the water in Anglesey, and my grandfather was at one point station master at Caernarfon. I spent a lot of holidays on Anglesey as a child and young woman, but haven’t spent much time there since my Nain died.

This will be my first change to try out my Welsh truly ‘in the wild’ and I am excited and nervous in about equal measures.


Hi I’m Gog on the Forum, Mark in reality but lots of people call me by my initials MAJ!
Born in Wrexham and still live in Wrexham
I’ve completed the 6 months Welsh speaker and Deep end courses. I’m now working my way through some of the old content while out walking my dog.
I’m a regular at the Clwb Clebran in Saith Seren
I am a bone fide bus pass and senior rail card holder.
This year I decided to grow a beard
I cycle a lot and like rugby league.


I certainly would like to be a part of that!! :heart:


Hi Kai. I hope I can help you with the map and compass work. I love navigating.


Yes indeed Aran, I come from Splott Road, Splott, and my brother went to Splott Secondary School, Splott Road, Splott.

We are a rare breed, but make good friends because we stick like glue :wink:

I gather there is a move afoot to gentrify the area by referring to it as Splow—as in ‘Ooh Splow’. Obviously no sense of history—it is Splott, as in the ‘Bishop’s plot’ according to old maps of the area.



Great! Can’t wait :grin:


I’ll be giving out free hugs all evening in my posh frock and sparkly heels. No formalities, just proper Welsh cwtshis, so don’t stand on cermony, just bring it in. :wink:


I’ve had a “Cat cwtsh” or two and they come highly recommended.



I’m Karen.

I’ve been around almost from the beginning. Five minutes ago when Aran and Catrin’s children were babies, I did the old courses. I didn’t actually finish the third one, because Aran was still writing it at the time. Events overtook.

I am lucky enough to live in a 70% Welsh-speaking village, not far from Dolgellau in the southern half of Snowdonia. I get to use more Welsh than English, day to day, most days. Things I do entirely in Welsh include being on the editorial team of our new/old papur bro, Llygad y Dydd; being a school governor, including interviewing prospective teachers; and (I just found out this week) being the newest Community Councillor for Brithdir, Llanfachreth and Rhyd-y-main. It’s fair to say, my life would not be the same were it not for SSiW!

I’m a child of the dai-aspora. My dad was Welsh and I grew up in a largely-Welsh community on the South Staffordshire coalfield. I was baptised in the Welsh Methodist chapel there, although, to be fair, my family were sufficiently indifferent about religion that I thought I was CofE until I was 31.

I don’t think it even occurred to anyone in those days and circumstances to preserve the language as well, but I declared when I was four (when I overheard an elderly auntie who didn’t realise I was there) that I was going to speak it. It’s just taken a while.

Looking forward to meeting SSiW friends, new and old.


I hear you! :roll_eyes:


Are you rationing how many each of us get? :smile:
Being a Cardi, I had planned to charge for my cwtshis. You’ve made me feel a bit mean now. :worried: