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Parti 10 party-goers... come and say hello!


I’m Rhodri, I’m from Abergavenny originally but living in Sheffield at the minute. I’ve been learning Welsh since school but only felt able to speak it since joining SSIW! can’t wait to meet you all!


Hey @rhodrimcdonagh

I recognise that landmark! I’m from Brecon originally. I live in Harrogate at the moment and go to the Yorkshire SSIW get together in Leeds.

It would be good if you could get there!



The one I met at the Eisteddfod in 2016?

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Do wir, Tatjana. Eisteddfod yn Y Fenni.

Are you coming to the Eisteddfod again? Llanrwst this year, yn y Gogledd. Mis Awst, fel arfer.


Sorry, but it’s not on the horizon. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to come to Wales one more time.


Oh, I think it might now! In my house, anyway…


Okay - I think I’ve now said hello to everyone whose pic is up in this thread - apart from @PhilgJones @MarilynHames @Richard636363 @aliC @gkfbux @glynsig @Macky (ohmigod that’s lots) - and only fleeting conversations with too many of you, but that’s the nature of the beast…

Phil Mari Richard Ali Gareth Glynis Macky please come and say hello at some point tonight! And if you’re feeling particularly kind for a fairly baffled old bear, say ‘Hello my name is’ (and then your actual name, yes, I know SSiWers can be mischievous)…

And everyone else who I haven’t had a chance to say hello to yet - whether you’ve got a picture in here or not - do please come and do the same thing - I would dearly love to have met every single one of you, but I do start to get tired and bit shy about hurling myself at people and saying ‘WHO ARE YOU THEN?? COME ON TELL ME!!’…

So please, please come and say hello and tell me who you are… and tell other people (who aren’t checking the forum!) to do the same thing… I’ll try and catch a lot of you when you’re sitting down at tables tonight… but hey, help me out here! COME AND SAY HELLO :slight_smile: :heart:


Great to read about your progress with Welsh Sam—well done!

It looks like we have something else in common—a love of the mountains. Where was your photo taken?

This is us a few days ago—in beautiful sunshine, but there was a cold wind at the top :sweat_smile:



An extremely useful word!


Kev, I don’t think I’ve met you yet this weekend, and I really want to, because of how long I’ve seen your pic and great username on the forum and because I want to know what you were doing in that pic you just posted. :slight_smile:

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Hi Phil, I was “eistedd babi” for my daughter last week who lives in Foxholes Lane near Old Down, its interesting to know that there is an active clonk group in Thornbury. I have retired and live in New Quay but called on quite often to gwarchod plant. My Welsh doesn’t go much farther than Bora da but I would enjoy joining you at your meeting if we are on duty.


Hello John
Do you remember me from the OU Welsh course? Grace, from Bampton in Oxfordshire. You came to our house onceI think and we used to meet up with the rest of the OU Welsh group. I too am now doing Say Something and am loving it! Richard and I have moved to Ludlow, so now nearly in Wales, so hoping to practice my Welsh a loy


Hello Grace - what a nice surprise! Yes, of course, certainly I remember you! Great to hear you’ve now moved so close to Wales :slightly_smiling_face: Do you have any plans to go to the Eisteddfod in Llanrwst? I’ll be there throughout the week
Hwyl, John


Hello John. Yes will be at the Eisteddfod for at least a day, Will be great if we can meet up for a coffee!


Just seeing if this works to share some pics from the parti…


Brilliant, brilliant photos!


What a stunning collection of photos - some utterly brilliant timing and composition in there - genuinely superb work, Richard - diolch o galon i ti! :star: :star2:


It’s me that is in the debt of thanks - dwi’n meddwl dim ond i cyfle i siarad gyda Meinir a Nia [yr ddau a’r honno nyw] a Becca a pawb arall - seriously, a top, special, penwythnos arbennig - and now two parties under my belt,needing to cry with unfettered joy each time. Diolch am yr galon eich i gyd.