Penblwydd hapus Catrin!


Here’s wishing a wonderfully and lovely Penblwydd Hapus! to my long-suffering, hard-working, loving, creative, thoughtful, Prosecco-swigging wife Catrin Lliar - devoted, imaginative, playful and passionate mother of our children… :heart: :heart_decoration: :heart_eyes:

It was her belief in me, and her encouragement, that first got the wheels of SSiW rolling. None of this could have happened without her.

Please give her a big, warm, SSiW penblwydd hapus (with as much virtual Prosecco as you can afford…;-)).


Penblwydd hapus Catrin. Happy 36th. :thumbsup: :fireworks:


18th, you crazy fool! Are you tired of life?!


Penblwydd Hapus iawn Catrin :slight_smile: :birthday: :champagne:


A bit obvious that … Catrin can, and does, still very easily pass for mid 30’s whereas saying 18 is obviously taking the mick. Whereas you … :wink:


Penblwydd Hapus iawn Catrin oddi wrth Huw (your 2nd dad) and Maureen. :smile:


…are still plausibly 18? You sweet-talking old thing. :kiss:


Penblywdd hapus, Catrin. However young you are!


Penblwydd hapus! :grin:


Penblwydd hapus, Catrin! Hope you have a lovely day!


Penblwydd hapus! :slight_smile:


Penblwydd hapus, Catrin! :tada: :birthday: :wine_glass:


Penblwydd hapus, Catrin! :wine_glass: :sparkles:


Penblwydd hapus iawn!!


Penblwydd hapus!


As always … one more time and hopefully so for at least a 100 years more …

Penblwydd hapus!!! :slight_smile:


Penblwydd hapus Catrin! Hope you’re enjoying your day. :birthday::wine_glass:


Penblwydd Hapus Catrin a Milla!


Penblwydd hapus Catrin! Gobeithio bod ti’n cael dy sbwylio’n rhacs! (A ti hefyd, @Novem!) xx


Yes! OF COURSE! I’ve said my happy birthday on FB already but Penblwydd hapus i ti @Novem hefyd! :slight_smile: