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Photography in Welsh 📷


That’s a great capture @theresacorbett!

here’s some of the walrus’ story for anyone interested…


Some more sunsets from me - I never tire of them and they always seem different…

  • Machlud / Sunset
  • Coch / Red
  • Oren / Orange
  • Melyn / Yellow
  • Pinc / Pink
  • Silwét / Silhouette


Mae fy ngŵr tynnu y llun y cnocell y coed hon. My husband took this picture of a woodpecker.
Ni’n caru’r holl adar yn ein iard gefn yn Florida.We love all the birds in our backyards in Florida.


I have always loved black and white nature photos. Especially trees without leaves. They look so dramatic against the sky.


What a stunning capture! I love it! Mae’r lliw ar ben y cnocell yn fendigedig! :heart:

They’re so dramatic aren’t they, especially gnarled trees such as the hawthorne (draenen wen/draenen ddu), I tell the kids that they contain the souls of old witches. :wink: I feel I don’t do enough ffotograffiaeth du a gwyn, somehow. x


Some scenes from yesterday in the garden…

Dw i’n licio ffocysu (focus) ar un peth, yna gosod yr F stops yn isel, i gael y cefndir (background) efo effaith (effect) bokeh -


Mae eich lluniau chi ydy hardd! Dwi’n caru sut y pwnc yny blaen “pops” mas mwy oherwydd o’r “fuzzy” cefndir.
I am uncertain how correct this sentence is, but I am giving it a go anyway. Love the first picture.


Ni’n newydd brynu lens chwyddo ar gyfer ein camera a dal y llun hwn.
We just bought a zoom lens for our camera and captured this picture. I don’t know the word for Hummingbird in Welsh. This species of Hummingbird is the Ruby Throated Hummingbird.


Beautiful shot! Absolutely gorgeous!
(and the Welsh for hummingbird is aderyn bach y si :slight_smile: )


Oh that’s so beautiful @KellyMoore, thank you for sharing! Really lucky to have such magical birds to photograph. Congratulations on the new lens and have fun getting to know it!


Caru hwn… :heart:


Thank you for the translation. Does that mean literally, the little hum bird?


Diolch! We love our birds in the backyard and try to take photos whenever we can. The zoom lens has helped greatly!


Si can mean rumour, whizz, buzz, murmur, hiss, hum … so yes, little hum bird :slight_smile:


Pottering about with macro - small world / byd bach (bead bah-ch).

Though I didn’t use a macro lens for these photos, I think that the translation for ‘macro lens’ would be ‘lens craff’ (lens krahf) - craff meaning ‘keen eyed’.

Do you like macro photography? If so do you like photographing ‘mini beasts’? In Welsh, ‘mini beasts’ would be ‘trychfilod’ (truh-ch-vill-od) - the ‘truch’ bit sounds like ‘truck’ but with the Welsh ‘ch’ sound rather than the ‘ck’.