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Photos of *Welsh Weekend in Caernarfon* 24-26 January keep an eye out for the next one


Welsh weekend with cymdeithas yr iaith in Caernarfon
Helo pawb who’s interested in the weekend, I’ll get more information soon but these are the things we know,
Weekend 24-26 January
Location Llety Arall, Caernarfon
You can check in from 5-6 pm (or flexible) on the Friday
Check out day, Sunday around lunchtime ( again flexible)
Definite activities for the weekend:
Tour of the history of Caernarfon
Trip to Ynys Llanddwyn ( since it’s Santes Dwynwen day January 25)
Entertainment with the talented Fôn Trapps ! - this inludes Barry Jones who’s performed and written songs for Bryn Fôn and Celt. He’s also the creater of Dim Byd on S4C, in the company of his wife and up and coming talented daughter Gwenno Fôn.

More details to come!

As I said, no need to panic for a place yet, I’ll try and get the price asap.

Llon-dain - The Touring London Meet Up

Hi Nia, do you have any idea how I would get to Caernarfon from Holyhead if I took the boat from Dublin? I looked on line and it looks like around 2 hrs on public transport if I don’t miss a bus bor £60 in a cab to cross Ynys Mon and the Menai strait. Diolch, Gareth


I’ll make enquiries, I’m sure there’s an easier way. Caergybi is only 30 minutes from Porthaethwy, Menai Bridge and I’m sure someone could pick you up from there @gareth-mitchell


I moved this to give it a thread of its own @nia.llywelyn. That way more people will see it, and I can include it more easily in the newsletter :slight_smile:


I’d take the train to Bangor, then the bus to Caernarfon. The bus stop is right outside the station and the trip to Caernarfon must be about 20 minutes. I suppose the problem might be how long you’d have to wait in Caergybi after you get off the boat from Dublin.


Please keep me in the loop. Diolch


Diolch yn fawr Dai.


@gareth-mitchell What about this? I’m happy to pick you up from Bangor…and anyone else who wants a lift :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of coming by train, so I can leave my partner the car (& stream Radio Cymru on headphones the whole way) - so I might appreciate a lift, too :slight_smile:


Sounds outrageously reasonable. Interesting times though. Not sure I can be there so early. What date is that?
Diolch, Gareth


Ooh! I’ll be in Corris all of January. I’d love to stay at Llety Arall.


I’m also hoping to go by train. Perhaps when we know more we could agree to meet and share a taxi if the buses aren’t convenient and especially for the return journey on the Sunday.


@gareth-mitchell I looked for Friday 24 of January. They seem to run quite frequently :slight_smile:


Haia Nia – Oes gynnon ni bris am hynna eto? Meddwl am brynu tocyn trên o’n i, felly o’n i jesd eisiau tsiecio…
Have we got a price for this yet? I was just thinking about booking a train ticket, so wanted to check.



Dw i wedi cael ateb y bydd e o gwmpas £80/£90 am y penwythnos. Gobeithio clywed y pris iawn cyn hir,.a poster, mwy o wybodaeth ar bapur.

I’ve been told that the cost of the weekend will be around £80/£90 and around £65 for people who are unemplyed.

I hope to receive more info soon @RichardBuck
It was so nice to meet @Betterlatethan at Sain Ffagan today :smile:


Sounds appealing!

Di Matthews


I’ve been told tickets will be sold online shortly but If you have questions about the weekend contact Gwion on
I’ve been told there are 8 rooms there and place for 18 people to stay,


@janjones_1 @RichardBuck @elizabethliney @elizabeth_jane @DiMatthews @sue-21 @gareth-mitchell
Here’s the link to buy your ticket for the weekend


Dw i newydd gael e-bost oddi wrthyn nhw efo’r dolen :slight_smile:
I’ve just had an email from them with the link - they’ve got me on file!


Diolch! I’m booked! :slight_smile: