Plygain 2018/2019


Eglwys Gymraeg, Fann Street, London, Sunday 6 January 2019, 17.00

Oxford Welsh learners group

Love this! i heard it for the first time ever at Tresaith in September when Lea, @kerid73 and @Iestyn sang it for the group.


Gave another rendition of ‘Ar gyfer heddiw’r bore’ in our choir in Brighton last night! Spreading the plygain word in Lloegr! X



Hi Dee, I can’t find details of the Christmas eve service at St Fagans anywhere online, where did you see it?


Right - found the email. It was sent out by Menter Caerdydd, so I would contact them if you need to know more @KateM


Did anyone manage to get to any of these? Any feedback? What did you think?

I received an email from a friend who made it to the Plygain service at Sain Ffagan and it brought back lovely memories for her:

Went to the Plygain service in St Teilo’s Sain Ffagan on Sunday (organised by Minny Street chapel), Cardiff. Brought back great memories of singing Plygain with Parti Llanrwst, guided by Maureen’s tuning fork., as hosts in St Grwst . Between early January and early February the other churches woud host in return in Santes Fair, Betws y Coed, Capel Ebeneser, Dinas Mawddwy and Eglwys y Santes Fair, Conwy. The service would always end with all the men singing Carol y Swper, and then we’d tuck in to loads of lovely homebaking. Cofion hyfryd!


I’ve been to three of them and plan to go to two more. The one arranged by Merched y Wawr, in Christ Church Carmarthen, was somewhat more successful than the one you, (@dee) and @Iestyn came to a few years back. The ones in Nantgaredig and Newcastle Emlyn were very traditional, with heads popping up for groups to decide who was going to sing next. On Sunday coming I hope to go to Llanddarog, which in previous years has been very full, and is near enough for me to walk to. At the end of the month I hope to go to the one in Llandeilo.


I nearly went to that one in Newcastle Emlyn and wish I had now. I’d only been back from Germany for a day though and I just wanted a quiet evening at home!