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Based on the conversation last night, I forgot to mention these videos which I think you will find useful…five-ish mnutes each but work through the conjugations we spoke about.




Also - Bruce -


Thanks for last night, and your links today. We really enjoyed meeting you all. Feeling like we haven’t slept all night with Welsh going round in our heads all night out of our usual comfy SSi lesson environment :slightly_smiling_face:


Lovely to meet you both and to get back to meeting up in real life too. Hope to see you next time which will be on the 15th. Also you can e-mail admin and ask about being added to the 2 Slack groups where you can chat 1 to 1 with other learners from all over the world, and also join in sessions with a tutor as well as sessions run by other learners like Sesiwn Canu and Noson Lawen and lots of other stuff too.


Sorry everyone due to illness no meeting at the 12 Knights tonight see you next time on the 29th Sept.
In the meantime and maybe as an alternative at the moment as some members are still hesitant to meet in real life (understandable) we could do a ZOOM session. Let me know if there’s any interest in this please and we can set one up to try it out.


Our next meeting for Port Talbot will be an online ZOOM meeting, due to one thing and another, we may continue this way in the short term. Please let me know if you’ll be joining in. I’ll post the link up asap.
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Sut mae Carin,
Ga i ymuno eich cyfarfod nesa ar Medi 29 plis?


Wrth gwrs bydd yn hyfryd i gwrdd a chi.
of course will be lovely to meet you


Hi all,
I hate zoom so we’ll carry on practicing and join you again when it’s face to face. Good luck with your zoom connections :slight_smile:


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