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Post party Chat (including Tatjana appreciation)


I’d buy if I could, you know that … it doesn’t come to Slovenia unfortunatelly.


I saw a nice reminder today of the party, in the botanical garden of Gent University (we can’t take ours to Australia :frowning: )

Papaver cambricum is the old scientific name, meconopsis cambrica the current one.


You could take the seeds out and keep the souvenir envelope though :slight_smile:


I saw that @BethanGwanas posted on Twitter a photo of a lovely long column that she wrote about the parti for Yr Herald Cymraeg. There’s a nice photo of @gruntius calling up the honorees to be recognized. The photo she posted isn’t good enough for me to read the whole article. Can anyone find a copy? The title is “Noson o ddathlu I ddysgwyr SSIW.”


My parents have kept a copy so I will take clear pictures when I see it. :slight_smile:


It is here but you have to pay for it unless you’re Daily Post subscriber and I beleive you can read by default. Hope it helps in any way.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Diolch Gary for those kind words. I was chatting with Alan earlier and he told me there was a message on here. I have indeed expressed my interest in attending the September bwtcamp and hopefully that will happen. Yes let’s keep in touch and make sure we catch up in person in Cardiff at end of year. Thank you for putting up with my Wenglish for so many miles - Karyn


I like the tag line at the end of the Carnarfon article - Ymlaen at filiwn o siaradwyr! (Onward to a million speakers!)


Thanks for putting up with my halting speech, especially through the centre of Bristol!!
Glad you’re targetting September at Tresaith. Don’t worry about trying to decide what the highlights were, after the event. Because EVERYTHING will be a highlight!!


@greeneyes … was this you? Written by Bethan Gwanas.


Yes! She was in the bunk bed below me! I told her I had met her in 2013 at the eisteddfod. And I brought the first of the three Blodwyn Jones books from my collection at home for her to sign, though I assumed I would bring them to the party for her. Who knew she would turn out to be my bunkmate! She also offered to sign the lumberjack book of hers that you urged me to buy that afternoon in Palas Print! She wrote that she hopes it wouldn’t give me nightmares :rofl:. She was lovely. I’m honored she mentioned our encounter in print! :blush:Thanks for sharing this!


Ah, thanks for letting me know, Cat. Sorry for rechristening you with a new name :joy:. And for the delay in replying. Wow, you made it up to every tower - da iawn ti!! We went up only a few. I’ll have to complete my castle exploration the next time I’m in Caernarfon.
Aberystwyth was quite fun to explore, and I had the pleasure of meeting with Huw and Maureen, and with Chris (hectorgrey on the forum). I also discovered a couple lovely places to visit next time I am there (Little Devil’s cafe and Tŷ Coed (aka Treehouse). If you go to the latter, make sure you spend some time on the top floor, with plants on the windowsills and lovely bird’s eye views down Streed Popty (in the top three best street names ever) & the cross street, and a little library of books to read while you relax there with your tea or food. They also have a little organic food grocery on the ground level, with a small but very nice cheese counter and a knowledgable and very entertaining cheesemonger.


Love it!! :heart_eyes: That’s a very catchy chorus you’ve got there… and educational too - I’ve just learned a new phrase: “don’t worry”!!! :grin: Da iawn ti!



Now go with that … Don’t worry! (especially not about mixing north and south). :slight_smile:


Haha! Perfect! :blush:


Here’s the Bethan Gwanas article…


Bethan Gwanas appearing in a coffin near you if you can get BBC… my S4C player app is being stored on iClod for the moment or I’d find a link for those living beyond BBC’s sway…

Dim Byd, Cyfres 5: Pennod 6: via @bbciplayer


Sort of connected to the party -
Remembering Owen Shiers, who sang and taught us about old folk songs -

Last night, Ty Tawe (Swansea) held a great folk night featuring Gwilym Bowen Rhys. One of the songs that he sung was in Wenglish about a person being conned by a fake widow with a dummy baby on a train near Llandysul (I think). Wasn’t that one of the ones that Owen Shiers did?


Yes! Not sure if you heard but one of the best bits of the bootcamp after the party was having a spontaneous private gig from Gwylim Bowen Rhys and Elidyr Gwyn in the Caernarfon yacht club on the Friday night. He played that song there - I haven’t been able to find a recording or video of it online …


Hi Kate.
You might know he has a website with his music for sale. He forgot to bring CDs to sell.

If you search on his name followed by Ty Tawe 2019, you should get a Utube video. With me blocking the view in the 2nd half.