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Post party Chat (including Tatjana appreciation)


How much fun was your video, @tatjana? I’ll tell you: a whole LOT of fun! What a great tribute to SSIW, and you’ve left us all, the day after, with that chorus in our heads:

Dysgu Cymraeg
Siarad Cymraeg
Paid â phoeni
A siarad Cymraeg
Siarad yr iaith
Dysgu’r iaith
Paid â phoeni
A siarad Cymraeg


Amazing Tatiana. Thank you.


Bore da Tatjana
Diolch Tatjana
Dal ati a
Chanu Cymraeg

Great fun and thank you I really enjoyed it.


I was totally, totally speechless, Tatjana. Thank you so so, so much for such an amazing surprise.

You are incredibly talented and must have spent so many days working on this masterpiece.

Your video filled the party with joy.



With Tatjana’s permission, a little while ago I let Ed Holden (Mr Phormula) have a listen to this before it’s premier at the party last night, because I thought it was amazing but admittedly I don’t really know much about rap - but Mr Phormula certainly does (Welsh beatboxing and rap champion!)

Here is his response, word for word!
Iawn Siaron, ah wych!!! Anhygoel i glwad yr ymateb yna. Da wan, raps a neges y stori yn wych - rili da - diom y peth hawsach i rapio yn gymraeg - ma hi di wneud job wych. Da wan!! Diolch am gadael fi wbod!

so it’s not just us - if he thinks it’s great, it genuinely is!


Yes, that’s what iwanted … Dysgu Cymraeg a Siarad Cymraeg is what we should never forget to do. :slight_smile:

Thank you in deed. I was hoping to be so.


Bore da. Swt ywt ti heddiw? :slight_smile:

Diolch i ti!

This is my plan.

The next challenge (who knows which in the row) maybe … I still owe to sing the whole Calon lan song since I didn’t sing it in whole in Postojna cave 2 years ago.

Happy to hear this!

The surprise is what I wanted to be although I didn’t expect to leave people speachless though. Thank you Catrin in deed!

The most time was spent writing the text as I was hopping from idea to idea not knowing what to put into the poem and mostly how. In the process of learning and pondering thoughts one day it just composed by itself more or less so the whole idea was ripe to be done. The video was made in one month with the fact that I had to re-record audio also to correct the mistakes I’ve made. :slight_smile:

You can’t tell how happy I am that I could give that finale scent to the whole thing. I’m grateful to the whole team behind the scene of the parti for letting me into the program. When you’ve written here on the forum about the party for the first time I’ve got the idea of giving something as a gift to all of you even if I won’t attend it and I’m extreamly happy I’ve succeeded in that part. :slight_smile:

SSiW and its people are inspiration to me and I want(ed) to return at least some tiny bit of it back to you all.

Yes it’s true but to be honest I didn’t want to include his name into the video for 2 reasons:

  • I didn’t want the chance one would like the whole thing just because one famous person likes it and thinks it’s good
  • and because I didn’t know if he (the known person as he is) would like to be connected with my (totally uknown and amateur) me at all.

Yes, I know, I could ask, but the rush of finishing the whole thing a week prior the party left me no time to even breath properly. :smile:.

Say huge thank you to Mr Phormula for me once again. I really appriciate his kind words and opinion. All I know is that I did my best with the technology and the knowledge I’ve got.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


At the Parti, Aran talked about the road we are all on as we journey step by step towards becoming fluent Welsh speakers. However there is more to it than that because, as he mentioned, every time we say something, anything, in Welsh we help inspire others to try, and ultimately this ripple effect will transform Wales into a truly bilingual country.

Friends, there is even more to it than that… For those of us who are part of the diaspora—living outside Wales, there is a sense of longing that this ‘connection’ meets—a deep-seated longing to belong no matter how far away or how far back those connections span. For some it is within living memory, for others its rather vague, or even a new discovery from DNA testing. Some of us living in the border counties are able to pop over for an afternoon or meetup. Those of us in one of the big cities like London, can just hop on a bus or train, or take a trip along the motorway, and maybe enjoy a nearby meetup. For others of us living much further away, coming to Wales maybe a once in a lifetime adventure. Whoever we are, wherever we are, we are connected by bonds of friendship that can break down the barriers so many experience for all kinds of reasons.

I was lucky enough to journey from Vancouver for the Parti, but was amazed to see how many folk knew one another from Bootcamps, or conversations online via Slack or Skype—clearly deep friendships are forged this way, so that is one of the steps (the latter at least) that I still need to take. I have dipped a toe in the water, but no more excuses, I will take that leap of faith—this month, that’s my next goal, (a bit of a challenge, but with some more help will manage it). What’s yours?

Tolkien fans will know the lines ‘The road goes forever on, out of the door where it began,… and I will follow if I can’.

Whether or not you were able to be at this Parti, you are part of this adventure the moment to take that first step. Treat this weekend as a milestone moment anyway, and whether you just want to enjoy a traveller’s rest (like me relaxing in Caernarfon for the day before heading to St. Nicholas in Glamorgan then back to Vancouver), or a welcome chance to put some miles behind you on the road, literally or figuratively maybe tackling another Challenge or fitting in another 6 mins… we are all on the road together—all pilgrims on an incredible journey.

Go for it! Enjoy it!
Mari—the happy pilgrim


Inspiring thank you. Did you get my email last night


Hi Sandra—no, sorry, I didn’t.

Could you resend it please.

Thank you,


Diolch i’r trefnwyr parti / Thanks to the party organisers

I’d just like to clarify that the tokens presented to the incredible organising team were intended to come from all present not from any one of us.
A small group of us agreed that tokens of appreciation would be appropriate and reflect the will of every one of the party-goers. To preserve the secrecy and “surprise” we decided not to not to consult wider. Judging by the warmth of the applause and the fact that other people had the same idea, we are now certain that we did good. :smile:

@gruntius and I used our combined extensive horticultural knowledge to select the flowers. Geraint composed a special poem for the presentation (I trust people will have noticed the subtle cynghanedd). Being the only one present who could “carry off” a cumerbund, my function was simply as his glamorous assistant. :laughing:

I understand that @catrinlliarjones has started planning the 20th anniversary party. :wink:


This thread is brilliant, so many heartless people. :heart_eyes::joy:


What’s Welsh for “schadenfreude”? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:


I think in 10 years’ time, whoever is nominally in charge will have helped themselves to my pension, and that payments will only be possible in bit-coins through the dark web. Any chance I could pre-book now?


I have a blank page with Parti Penblwydd 20 written on it. :rofl:




I have a spreadsheet :wink:

And thank you so much to you all for the token of appreciation - a lovely idea and totally unexpected <peers sternly over non-existent glasses at @HuwJones & @gruntius>. It was a pleasure working in such a nice team of people with so much vision and so many creative ideas, so it’s brilliant that everyone had such a good time.

And @tatjana - loved the video. Absolutely fab!


@tatjana. That tune is a real ear worm…:smiley:


Thank you!

Haha! You won’t get rid of it that easy now.

Dysgu Cymraeg
Siarad Cymraeg … :slight_smile:

I love this!


Indeed, diolch yn fawr i @HuwJones and @gruntius - I feel quite guilty about getting recognition, having done nothing more than press a few buttons on a computer and send a couple of emails, next to the people who did Real Work putting the party on - so diolch yn fawr hefyd to the people I was (undeservedly) on the stage with.

And thanks to everyone I spoke to and made the evening fun - it was great to finally meet some people I should probably have met long ago.

(And that buffet was really good, I thought!)