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Post party Chat (including Tatjana appreciation)


Don’t forget “Paid a phoeni”. That also featured heavily in my dreams :laughing:



I hope I wasn’t a nightmare in those dreams for that reason. :slight_smile:


And that was that then!

I’ve got to say how much I’ve really enjoyed the party and the whole weekend. Thank you to all that did anything towards making it so brilliant.

I got to speak to a lot of new and old faces this weekend so thank you to everyone that approached me because I find it really difficult to do the approaching (unless you’re famous then you’re fair game).

Thank you also to everyone that made my wife feel so welcome also (yes, I know I’m punching well above my weight).

I love this cult. :joy:

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I agree whole-heartedly! This event was indescribably fantastic, and completely deserving of the wonderful Welsh word bythgofiadwy - I will be thinking back to this event many times, and gladly. Diolch o waelod’nghalon!


Marvellous weekend and parti. Thank you to everyone. The food was delicious and the entertainment amazing.


Blwyddyn nesa @carin-harris gobeithio yn y de :heart::tada::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Try “Schadenfreude”.

Ooh, looks and sounds like the original German word…

Anyone know how to pronounce it in Welsh?




The next line reads:-
Venue:- Y Galeri or Nant Gwrtheyrn.

Just thinking about that - how many people can stay at the Nant?

Enough stupid ideas from me…




Diolch yn fawr iawn for an amazing weekend and party. It was really nice to meet people that I had only known from the forum previously. Diolch to Tatjana for your film it was brilliant and catchy.


Holy Cow that choon from Tatjana was awesome! I listen to quite a lot of hip hop and rap (the good stuff not the glamour ‘n’ glitz stuff) and this was really great! I reckon I can remember most of the refrain after just one listen-through! Top stuff! :star_struck:

What’s more, I think I have learned that the imperative form of the verb is just the verb itself! lol


Still on a high from the wonderful weekend.

To finally meeting people who I had been chatting with on Slack for the past year was fantastic and hearing the Welsh musicians was amazing and a real highlight.

Thank you to all the organizers for creating a penwythnos perffaith and to Tajana for the great video finale.

Diolch yn fawr,


Tatjana, Diane and John and I were singing the chorus to your rap Cymraeg at dinner tonight. It’s just so catchy and clever and brilliant and FUN!!! It must have taken ages to write, and is truly a work of art and genius. Dwi’n ydmugu de talent di!


WOW! I can imagine it was brilliant to hear! Fantastic! What i wanted to acheave with this chorus is exactly what is happening - for it to stick in the people’s heads not only to sing it along but to be aware how important it is to learn and speak Welsh. This is vital, this is crucial for the language and I hoped it helps to fight the fear of speaking out of every Welsh learner of this World. In fact out of every whatever language learner of this World. Speaking is crucial for the language to be learnt and to live on. So thank you all whoever chanted this tune from the day they’ve heard it! I wanted to give a gift not just to SSiW and all of you but the gift to the Welsh language itself!

Yes, this took me some time and I’ve put special care to the whole thing.

What to say more? I can’t thank you enough. Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi gyd.


I second this (e)motion. It was a brilliant parti and weekend. Amazing to meet so many SSIWers in person, and to get to speak and be surrounded by so much Cymraeg. Thanks to all who poured heart and soul (and poppy seeds) into making this everything that it was.


There’s a million replies and I haven’t read them all, so it’s quite possible someone is already mentioned this. But just in case no one has, Google photos has a shared album function. One person starts a shared album, invites everyone else using their email address or phone number, and then everyone can add and view photos.


Tatjana, I remembered you asking in the forum about a couple of words, mentioning a rap song you were writing. But I would have never imagined it was such a big project, with the parti theme and video and all! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Crazy…(in a positive way, I mean!) and awesome! :smiley: :sunglasses:

p.s. if you write a bunch more, you can tour Wales with Mr.Phormula, right @siaronjames? :wink:


Just wanted to say a big “Thank You” to the three lovely people who shared the journey to and from Caernarfon with me this weekend. You had to put up with the detour to Llyn Clywedog and Tywyn and the stop-off at Inigo Jones’ llechi shop and my terrible driving and you were perfect company!!
I really would love to see Karyn’s name on a boot-camp list before long - I think you’d benefit immensely and everyone else on the course would have the chance to get to know a rather lovely lady!
Good luck with the protest Louise - you are a bundle of energy and enthusiasm and deserve to be listened to for your willingness to express your thoughtful, considerate attitudes!!
Hishiv, you are thoughtful, precise and considered. You are one of life’s smilers and you light up the place! Good luck my friend - I would love the chance to spend some more time with you!
As we said yesterday - let’s stay in touch with each other!
Diolch o galon!!


Diolch yn fawr iawn @tatjana am y rap! Rhagorol yn wir! Such a lovely and clever thing to have done and a great way to round off the formal part of the evening.
I just want to say that it was so great to see lovely friends again and to meet so many fantastic new people over the weekend. The enthusiasm everyone has about Cymraeg is so infectious, it’s a joy to be around all of you. And yes, as happened when leaving Bwtcamp last September, once again I shed a tear or two when driving off back to Brighton on Sunday morning! Tan y tro nesa! xx