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Post party Chat (including Tatjana appreciation)


Dropbox has 30GB and additional 50 if one newly creates acount (if this promotion stil lexists) and Google has 15 GB but be aware this is the space meant for everything you put on Google everywhere - mail, drive, photos … If I’m correct, YouTube is excluded from this though.


If anyone owns up to owning these sunspecs let me know before tomorrow what you would like me to do with them as I will be leaving for Wrexham tomorrow.


No one’s fessed up. I suggest giving them to Bob as a lost and found item. Hopefully the specs owner will check in with the hostel. Cheers.


Well what a parti!!
Food and 3 bands on Friday
Rain, soggy treasure hunt papers, a busker and Cynefin ( what a great singer and band) rescuing old Welsh folknsongs and re-energising the with a contemporary twist.
Then the big parti. Beautiful people, heartfelt (or was that heartless @aran) messages, hugs tears and @tatjana fantastic rap to finish off!

Llongyfarchiadau Mawr and Diolch yn fawr iawn to everyone who helped to get it organised…
…and I can also say… I slept with Bethan Gwanas!!! (Well, in the same room in the hostel at least!)


Diolch yn fawr iawn!


@atomic_newt ??? Jen maybe? Hopefully the tag will bring her out of the woodwork…


One option is to have a photo album topic here and get everyone to put their pictures in it - controversially non-technological …as a technology suggestion.

…very very high on the straightforwardness scale!

(…lower on the sophistication scale depending on what you had in mind).

Just a thought.


Nope! Got mine, thanks! :sunglasses:


Sounds good to me, Rich, so I’ve set a thread up here till someone suggests something better.


I’m not sure but I believe what @catrinlliarjones had in mind is to put photos somewhere where one could play a slideshow to watch them. At least that’s what I’d imagine it to be. Google photo, Dropbox or Flickr offers just that but what I’ve remembered about Flickr is that I’m not sure they actually offer the space for free. PhotoBucket could be the option too, but the sad thing is that they don’t offer third party sharing without paying so … no this one can’t go in.


It’s all been said already but just wanted to add my heartfelt (not heartless :joy:) thanks here to all involved in organising such an incredible weekend. It was lovely to catch up with folk I knew already, to put faces to names I’ve seen on the forum for years and to make some new friends. I even discovered that Cat used to live in my village and heard about Huw’s Nia Parry obsession! :joy:The food was delicious, the music fantastic, the special guests inspiring and so many special touches with a lot of thought to detail.Thank you also to Siaron for the poppy seeds (they’re going in our caravan garden in Pen Llyn), the harpist in the foyer and to Tatjana for her amazing finale video. Yes it’s stuck in my head now too :joy: I also have to say what a joy it was to see all the children enjoying themselves so much and being a credit to their parents.
Diolch o waelod calon i Catrin, Aran a’r teulu SSIW i gyd.
Edrych ymlaen at y 10 blwyddyn nesa!! :grin: xx


You might be right, @tatjana, in which case I’d be happy to host it on my own Google Photos.
I’ve pm-ed you a link. Would you be kind enough to try to upload a few photos to see if it does the job before I post the link here?


It’s quite a lot. 120+. They were booked this year, but…

Do we have to wait until 20? Why’s everyone ignoring 15?

Or 12?

Also: :heart:

@tatjana - !!! Methu dweud diolch yn ddigon! It was very lovely to see you in full-on positive go-for-it mode again, and I hope it’s helped make you realise how very, very far you’ve travelled… :slight_smile: :star: :star2:


It seems to work for me Huw. :slight_smile:


But did you need to sign in with google account, facebook id, etc?
edit: Here’s Tatjana’s explanation:

I believe the problem is in the sharing. You have to put album to be publickly shared but this probably means it could be viewed elswhere on the net also. But to upload the photos you probably have to be signed in though. But this is probably the case with all photo sharing pages though.

Here’s the link again for people to view or upload without or with signing in

Party Photo Albums

I have a google account so it loaded automatically on my phone. I wasn’t asked to sign in. x


I’ve signed out of google acount and tried your link Huw. It works at least to veiw the photos. I’m exploring further. But … I’m at the computer at the moment though. I can also see freshly uploaded photos from Catrin so it might work anyway.

And there might be not so small amount of people who have Google acount to this realyl shouldn’t be a problem. Everyone who has the YouTube channel has Google acount too.

Clicking further I could establish that you can view the photos but clicking on the “Add to album” requires signing in.

Photos can be dowlnoaded also what I’m not sure if you want to renable at lreast not if you’re not signed in.

So, this is my part of testing :slight_smile:


I’ve just dumped a whole load of photos in there and realised I took a lot of selfies with different people, so you’re going to get sick of seeing my cheesy, Prosecco fuelled smile soon… :rofl:


:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:


Lovely photos, Catrin.:+1: Our selfie was Maureen’s first chance to see me in a bow tie for about 30 years :laughing: