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Post party Chat (including Tatjana appreciation)


I couldn’t be at the Parti 10, but I’ve loved reading all about it, and looking at the photos! Diolch bawb for sharing!

@tatjana Your video is absolutely fantastic! What an amazing thing to do, and to send to the party. I’m so glad you posted it for those of us who weren’t there! DA IAWN TI!

Penblwydd hapus, SSiW! :birthday: :heart: :tada:


Thank you.

First I’ve created the audio file and actually didn’t have any hopes to do the video at all in so short time as I thought the party is at the end of the previous month. Hearing that there’s still one month to the party I and all in the small early premiere team gathered around me thought I should give it a go. So here we are. Whatever would happen, I planned to post video online for you all to enjoy it but I’m super extreamly glad the video was presented at the party as the final surprise and the birthday present.


Actually, I completely forgot to tell everyone that it was the ever helpful Cai (@Novem) who stepped up at the last minute and kindly offered to take a trip around Caernarfon to write questions for us. We had, by then, run out of energy and time. :roll_eyes:


Oh, da iawn, @novem! They were great questions, and it was a brilliant way to explore Caernarfon. We won’t hold you responsible for the wet stuff that did its best to spoil all your hard work :roll_eyes:


Thanks to everyone who organised, helped and supported with all the weekend activities, especially the wonderful party on Saturday. The entertainment was superb. Diolch to Catrin and Aran. And special mention to Tatiana for the surprise ending of the evening. Just gwych.


Thanks so much to everyone who organised the party and to all the lovely people I met. It was such a great weekend . Everything from the entertainment , the food , the speeches , the people , and general vibe of the weekend , all set in the worlds most Welsh speaking town is something I won’t forget.


A few parti pics, and no apology for gormod o Meinir… should you want they can be downloaded etc I think.

Diolch yn fawr iawn to everyone who made such an amazing weekend possible (and that includes the people who invented coedine and zantac…)


Wow! Diolch! I’m on the pictures too! :slight_smile:


Your photos are amazing @richardharris!!! Diolch! :slight_smile:


It was great meeting you, Cate! (Do I remember you introducing yourself as Cate?) Hope you enjoyed the castle, too. :slight_smile:


Of course you’re in the pictures, you were just perfect! x


Cat, rather than Cate :blush:
The castle was great, but by the time we’d been up and down the stairs in every town, goodness my legs were shaking. That pint in the Bachgen Du was more than welcome.
Hope you enjoyed Aberystwyth?


Eh. It could be better and the most I appear a bit questionable hence I didn’t respect dress code but … well, those shirts are kind of a legend already, worn over and over again so that’s what I decided to wear. Apart form that I only later on was aware that as it’s the whole video billingual, my shirts were too what is in style. :slight_smile:

But, the photos I like most (artistically) are those two of silchoetted dancers in the focus and who ever sang and played at the background. Da iawn ti! Really!

And, thank you to pay some attention to my piece of contribution also.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


I’m really rubbish at remembering to take any pictures, so thank you for these @richardharris

They’re brilliant :camera_flash:


Great photos Richard! Captured an amazing weekend perfectly! :grinning:


Here are a few of my pics. Many were repeats and not as good quality as others on here but I’ve shared a few in case I’ve captured anyone who’s not already on a photo. @HuwJones is photo bombing on one again! :joy:

Party Photo Albums

Lovely pictures, Jean, bringing back great memories of a brilliant evening especially at our table which must have won the prize for the best craic. :smile: I don’t think, I was photo-bombing, however. I was there by popular demand because (I assume) of my bow tie and cumerbund. :laughing:


But did you have age restrictions for the gigs?
Nobody over 14 allowed near the stage, unless accompanied by a minor? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Glad you managed to catch the drowned rats setting off on their treasure hunt round Caernarfon! (I’m not sure anyone else risked their camera in the downpour.)


No of course you weren’t photo bombing really Huw! You brought class to our table :joy:Actually it was your braces that were the main attraction but you insisted on hiding them! :joy: