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Post Something in Welsh - a new postcard club .Over 100 members now! πŸŽ‰


Post the old fashioned way is to good an opportunity to miss. I’m in. :+1:


@franhunni as Deborah mentioned above, you only need to write a few words to start with, or quote some of your favourite welsh words/ poem/ song,
I’ll fix it so you write to me first :wink:

Send me an e-mail :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting. I’ll get my email sent.


Count me in here yn y Swistir.


Wwww! Exciting stuff! We have now reached 30 people so you should all get an e-mail before the weekend to let you all know what to do next :slight_smile:


Terrific news - huge congratulations to Nia for such a superb idea… :star: :star2:


sounds fun and was there ever a better chance to bring into practice Level 3 prynu ychydig o gardiau post


@BronwenLewis will you find one with only one β€˜n’ in Cricieth I wonder?


I’d like to join too. Email on its way. Thanks.


Sounds great, I’d love to take part. I’m very much a beginner in written Welsh but hopefully this will help me improve


Count me in


I’m very happy to announce that the Welsh Whisperer is going to be a member of the Clwb Cardiau β€˜Post Something in Welsh’ :star:
β€œGwd thing!”


And a lovely new logo thanks to my friend Sion β€œMaffia” Jones


Ni’n mailo nawr.


Go and stand in the corner, and I will speak to you when I am ready. :wink:


Is this where we find out his address is on a council estate in Ely and not a smallholding just outside Castell Newi Emlyn?


@Macky ti’n gweld! I am really a Welsh Pesterer :joy:


I would be intersted in joining.


You just need to send an e-mail with your full address to @nia.llywelyn (you can see her e-mail in the first post)

p.s. did anyone else here remember when for some time β€œnormal” postal address were defined β€œsnail mail”? :laughing:


Dwi’n cofio Haha.