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Practice Welsh in Leicestershire?


I’ll be living in Enderby but happy to drive anywhere not too far :grinning:


I can drive if not too far or catch train to Leicester



I am in Nottingham but if you meet in the city centre I could get a train to meet up.



That would be great, cheers


I’m a little late to the party, but whilst I don’t live anywhere near, I work and temporarily immigrate to Leicester 4 days a week, so would be very interested should there be a meetup Cymraeg :slight_smile:


Brilliant, good to see a few people here interested. I work during the day so evenings and weekends are the best bet for me. I think Janet said evenings suit her too, what about everyone else? Anyone free next week?


Yes, I am free, my trains get in on the half hour


I shall be in Tresaith on the Bwt Camp next week but definitely interested for the future. Would come from Nottingham by train.


Also late to the party but just started learning and based in Leicester, I’m not sure what I could come to with other commitments that keep me relatively busy but would be up for joining if I’m free.


I am free Monday-wednesday evenings next week if anyone else is?


Yes, same here, just name the night


How about Wednesday, 7ish?


I can do later as well if that suits people better


Yes, my train gets in at 6.30, where shall we meet?


Actually I can probably meet you at the station at 6:30 if that helps, in the ticket hall? Unless you have any other suggestions?


Anybody else available?


Will be there


Risking looking a little silly here. Was this meet-up Wednesday today, or Wednesday next? :smiley:


Hi mate, no problem. Was last Wednesday :frowning:
Have arranged to meet again on weds 19th June if thats not too far in the future for you? Would be good to get as many people as possible to allow for more opportunities to practice


Post all the details here - location, date, time - and tag me, and I’ll make sure it gets in the weekly newsletter :slight_smile: