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Practice Welsh in Leicestershire?


Hi Linda, yes please come along. The meetups have been roughly once a month so far, and one of us will post the next date after the forthcoming meeting


I’m so excited to meet local Welsh learners! It’s quite lonely on your own.


This still on? If so, I’m in!


Hi Santiago, a few people are away on holiday this month but I will be there. Anyone else coming along?


I’ll be there should it be on? :slight_smile:


Well I’m upstairs in the cafe already so hopefully, otherwise I’ll be talking to myself! :laughing:


I’ll be ten minutes


With it being holiday season and not everybody being able to make it, this week was a smaller affair. But numbers aren’t everything and it was great to meet @santiago_mauricio, who having completed SSiW, conversed for the first time in Cymraeg - and excellent he was too! :slight_smile:

There was the suggestion that we meet a little more often, too. Every two weeks? Twice a month? (I’m sure @charlie-o will correct me on that one :slight_smile: ), with the next meetup scheduled for Wednesday 4th September at 18:30 at the Bru Cafe on Granby Street.


Sounds good to me mate