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Practice Welsh in Leicestershire


I’m due into Leicester at 18:35, so will be at Bru shortly after :slight_smile:


I can’t make our next meeting (tomorrow). Hopefully in two weeks I will be there.


I’m afraid I too, will be struggling to make it tonight due to work.
I’ll be in wales next week, however. So shall try and pick up some bilingual welsh literature for everyone. Even if it’s just promotional railway leaflets :smiley:


Hi all, I haven’t been able to attend these meetings lately. Are they still going on and if so can someone post the dates/details on the forum here? I had a few questions about when these are and at the moment I am unable to answer.
I hope to be able to start attending again soon!



Hi, I am free but seems most people are away, just tell me when the next one is, please


I was also away for the last one unfortunately, but following a visit to Wales, I’ve got some bilingual leaflets, if anyone fancies one, whenever the next meet-up is :slight_smile:


Our next meeting should be in two weeks which is 13th November.


I don’t have this meetup in the weekly newsletter yet. Is it happening on a regular monthly basis now? Would you like it to be included in the list at the end of the newsletter? :slight_smile:


Hi Deborah
We meet fortnightly and the next meeting is on the 13th November at the Bru cafe (upstairs) on Granby Street Leicester. We meet at 18.30. Great idea to be included in the newsletter.


I can be there


Fabulous, I shall also be there, work permitting, also :slight_smile:


I’ve missed the last two for one reason or another but I’ll be there this Wednesday.


Happy to give your meeting s mention in Llais y Derwent, the newsletter of Derby Welsh Learners Circle. See for links to pdf file version.


Thank you.


Our next meet up will be on 27th November upstairs at the Bru cafe on Granby Street, Leicester.


I’ll try and make it sometime. If any of your group fancy a trip to Derby our programme is on our website. We also have a Facebook Page and FB group Menter Iaith Lloegr


I will be there


I’ll have to miss tonight as I’ll be at the theatre but hopefully someone who goes tonight will let me know if there is a meet up in two weeks.


Janet and I are going to meet in Sileby on the 11th December at the Brewery cafe. Attendance at the Leicester meet up has been sparse recently so we decided to get together somewhere closer to our home. All welcome!


I’ve put a note in the newsletter for this week letting people know about the change of venue, and I’ve just realised I don’t have a time for your usual meetup. What time do you usually get together?