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Private Welsh lessons in Cardiff


Hello All,

I apologise if this is not the right category or if I am not supposed to post this. Basically I am looking for private Welsh lessons in Cardiff and am not having much luck so far in finding a teacher, so I thought I would try my luck here. I am looking for a native/fluent speaker for an hour a week if possible. Also, if anyone knows anyone who teaches Welsh privately in Cardiff or any ideas on how I could find a teacher, please get in contact. It would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Diolch yn fawr i chi gyd :smile:



I had a few lessons with a really super teacher last year. I’ll PM you with her details…


If Sara’s teacher is not able to help, it’s possible I can. I’m a Welsh graduate who teaches Welsh, having learned the language as an adult.


Why didn’t I think of you, Phil? Moochi - Phil would be great also :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr, Sara!


Hi Phil! Thanks for your message. I will PM you.


Phil also has experience of learning Spanish with the SaySomethingin Method, so if you decide you’d like to use any of our materials, he’ll know exactly what you’re going through… :sunny:


Hi sorry for sneaking into your thread, have you found someone for private lessons? I’m new to Wales, I’ve been learning Welsh by myself for a while and I’d like to have some private lessons as well, I’m attending the local college once a week but I’m at that stage where complete beginner is too easy for me but since I don’t get to practice with anyone I don’t think I’m making as much progress as I could…
Diolch Alice


Drop @philstone a line if you’re in Cardiff… :sunny:


Whereabouts in Wales are you @AliceC? Have you had a look at the list of meetups at the end of the weekly email to see if there is one near you? If you don’t get the weekly email, you can register for it in the FAQ.


Hi Dee,
I live in Cardiff.
No i didn’t know about the newsletter, diolch for letting me know! :slight_smile:


There’s a meetup in the Mochyn Du that @ali can fill you in on, and it just happens to be Ali’s husband who is also a Welsh tutor, so good people to know :thumbsup:


Phil mentioned it , I might be able to come next time - I’m tutoring online atm and my schedule can be quite random, when is the next meeting going to be? I can make sure my evening’s off.


Keep an eye on this Monday Monthly meetings at the Mochyn Du or check with @ali. I used to go when I lived in Cardiff, but I’ve moved to Llandysul. Great bunch of people in the Mochyn Du though - very supportive!


Hi there
I’m also looking for maintenance welsh for my kids on weekends
Can you help?


Helo Tom, thanks for your message. I’m on holiday in Australia right now but will contact you again when I get home next week. Please let me know in the meantime if you find someone else. Phil


Hi Phil,
Are you available for private tuition? I can’t seem to DM you.


Just tagging @philstone and @ali for you :slight_smile:


Thanks @aran #newbie


Will make sure Phil gets this.