Prynhawn Da - looking for people to talk to


You and @aliC could definitely do this, Karen. Sorry to miss Clwb Clecs last night by the way: just terrible time-management, I’m afraid. Was @ruthandjan there again?


Thank you, I think! :thinking:
Last night consisted of myself, Karen, Dyfrig and Ruth @ant. You were missed.


I didn’t mean you couldn’t do it on your own, by the way Ali, if that’s how it came across! :flushed:Sorry to miss Ruth, but glad to meet up last week (when it was just me, Dyfrig, Gillian & Ruth)


Never entered my head @ant. :blush:


Lorna, those are very kind words and I thank you with equal kindness and sincerity. xx


The demonstrably true kind of words, I think…

…and, also, not shared out of kindness, except that I really need to give feedback to those who are so effectively helping, so that you know it.

To let you know that, and not to put pressure, just give info, leaves you free to decide what you want to do with that knowledge (I mean, of your impact on me and perhaps others), dw i’n gobeithio, I hope…

Btw great that all these clwbs around Llanelli (& its P’nawn Da studios nearby) are combining forces and networking. You are all so inspiring!


I enjoyed meeting you last week too Ant. It has been a real pleasure this trip meeting people face to face who I initially “met” on the 6MWS course or on the forum. Everyone has been lovely and so welcoming and I just want to continue working on my Welsh so that when I come back next time I can drop in again!