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Ohh, interesting! Thnx for that…


I’m really glad I asked - I (think) I learned a lot there - really interesting to read how this kind of thing gets into our language.


I think naff was invented by the makers of Porridge they felt a prison series would be unbelievable without swearing. I thought Grange Hill was unrealistic when I was a kid for the same reason.


Ni’n beilo nawr indeed!! :rofl::rofl:
Diolch for the message, glad you’re enjoying. It’s another Gog this week I’m afraid - but he’s a celebrity…! #nospoilers:slight_smile:


No problem where they come from as long as they speak Welsh. I’m sure it will balence out in time. :thinking::grin:
For the record I relistened to the interview with Leisa again earlier and it was much more clear after just a few weeks. Maybe cos I’m more familiar with her story or maybe my ears are adjusting a bit more.
I started listening at double speed as it’s available now ony phone but I only lasted around 20 seconds ha. Maybe another time.
No spoilers you say but the clue is a man from North Wales. :thinking:
It’s obviously Bryn Terfel. :crazy_face:


Helo pawb! Another Sgwrs coming your way tomorrow - and a shout out to those who wanted something on Welsh music and football! A bit of a bonus too - he’s a celebrity! I don’t do spoilers, but here’s a clue - there’s a link with last week’s chat…! :green_heart: - there’s a clue in this emoji too! Right, I’m saying no more! Hope you enjoy!


Oops cancel my last guess.
We get to hear his side of the story. Good Move. :+1:


It’s someone with coronary gangrene? :scream:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Not quite!! (Aran’s been at the comedy pills again…!)


That made me laugh out loud! You are very lucky I’d already swallowed my mouthful of tea when I read that! :joy:


Geraint Lovgreen? :green_heart:


Oh, don’t come in here with your plausible, intelligent suggestions and make the rest of us look bad.



Well I had typed out Mari Lovgreen before going back and re-reading it and seeing all the “he” references :smiley:


And - despite Rownd a Rownd scripting duties, AND dangerous amounts of Cerdd Dant, Beca has managed once again to hit her ‘publish on Friday’ target… :star: :star2:

And it turns out not to be a case of coronary gangrene, so that’s okay then… [phew]…

[Oh, and it belatedly occurred to me that it might be slightly easier for you to have the latest stuff up at the top of the page… :wink: ]


I feel like I might get coronary gangrene from Cerdd Dant at the moment… :nauseated_face:


There is mention of Mari!


:joy: :joy: :joy:


Another great interview, diolch.
I suspect not the last lövgreen we will hear from and I’m looking forward to hearing more them whilst improving my Welsh. What a lovely family please thank them for their time on our behalf.
I’ve listened on my phone and have no laptop access until Monday. Isbthe Transcript tucked away somewhere on the phone app?


I think we’ve still got a bit of fiddling to do before that works, I’m afraid.


No problem it will keep. :+1: