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Hi there! So glad you enjoyed! I’ll pass on your kind comments to Duncan.


Hi there! I don’t think he has one particular accent, as he’s moved around so much and has learnt Welsh as an adult. It’s mainly Gog, but it has touches of South in there too - he often says ‘ishe’ as opposed to ‘isho’, for example. He was schooled in England, which is probably where the slight English twang comes from. Very interesting chap.


Thanks for the details about the accent!

Quick questions:
so at the moment the film about heroes is not available anywhere, at the moment, right?
But is the Beca involved in Prosiect 15 you?

May I ask one more hint about one of his top Welsh heroes, Bernard Jenkins?googling around, the only one I find is…the title of a song by John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, and it’s an instrumental so no clues in the lyrics! :smiley:

Also, I searched General Wingfield, and found that Italian wikipedia says he’s English. I guess I should correct it, at this point, right? :slight_smile:


Hi Gisella - yes, I am the Beca mentioned! And here’s the link to the man Craig listed as one of his heroes. More to follow…


Here’s one of the deleted videos Craig made:



…and here’s a little bit about the Prosiect 15 project:


…and here are the Prosiect 15 videos:


Something for Rownd a Rownd fans! Outtakes!


One could also add David Lloyd George, Nye (NHS) Bevan, and more recently, Geraint Thomas (2 Olympic golds and TdF winner, 2018).


Diolch yn fawr Beca! :slight_smile:


Yes, thanks, Beca for another really helpful conversation and set of transcripts. The explanatory notes are really great as well.

So this week gora was best/(gorau). Silly questions, but can it also be (have) got to/gorra, or did I misunderstand it on a previous week?


Just thinking aloud… Aran mentioned that you might sometimes have other work commitments which would prevent you from giving us our weekly Beca fix. Would it be possible to do transcripts and translations for the Prosiect 15 videos, and have them up your sleeve for those times? I’m watching them, and getting a vague idea of how they must have inspired the audience, but I’d love to be able to understand them properly.

And by the way, I enjoyed hearing about how Craig ab Iago decided on his new name. I still can’t quite believe my luck that while my (English) parents gave my siblings English names, they chose ‘Bronwen’ for me!


Thanks for all the links, Beca!

I watched the video and well, it sure is outdated in style, but he’d better do it again because I didn’t know so many important people in so many different fields were Welsh!
Very good idea also including the actual size of the Country because I’m quite sure that most people (just like me until very recently) tend to compare it in their heads to nations that are 10 or even 100 times larger, and have a much higher population - which of course is not fair.

p.s. in the music section I would add John Cale who was essential to the sound one of the most influential bands ever - the Velvet Underground.
note: sorry, I’m biased and a record collector geek - and I can’t help but adding that in my opinion Datblygu are more underground but more influential than Super Furry Animals who - however - are one of the most popular Welsh bands ever also over here!


Since I found out from the video that a Welsh footballer, John Charles, was voted greatest foreign player ever in Italy I did a little extra search. Turns out he played in my hometown. But…daaaamn…in the wrong team!
Torino is good, Juventus is notoriously evil :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Normally I would never promote that team in any way, but I will do an exception, and post an Italian video about him, in case someone here is curious to see it:


Ha nice to see him laugh as he’s a tight fisted miserable so and so in the series. Shows he’s a good actor though. :grin:
Talking of actors/actresses there’s at least one southwalian on rownd a rownd.
Maybe Barry love interest could be a possible future guest. :thinking:

Really enjoyed listening to six and seven but not had time to do the reading yet. Diolch.


I totally love Datblygu! My all time fave Welsh band. Fave tracks - Maes E and Can i Gymru.


We all love writing for Arthur in the story room, because you can give him the most preposterous stuff! He’s a lovely guy and a great actor. He has a bit of a cult following!


That’s an excellent idea - I can certainly do that. I’ll be coming to the end of my ‘extra commitment’ phase this week as it happens, but very happy to provide transcripts etc for P15. You have a lovely name, incidentally. Well done, parents!


Hi John, no, ‘gora’ would always be ‘gorau’. Glad you’re still enjoying!