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It is, Polski Kefir is sold in Tesco and Asda, but it’s not as potent as homemade or not-mass-produced. I also like to support local businesses, and Kefir Cymru sell their product in glass bottles, so environmentally friendly too!


But they sold the goat’s milk one - which I gather is quite an acquired taste! Another Archers fan here - claim to fame, I met Fallon once!


great! I understand that Mali Harries is playing the dreadful Natasha, could you get to interview her for the chats?


Is that who’s playing her? Oh wow - I didn’t know! Mali is based in Cardiff but i’ll see what I can do the next time I’m down!


Here’s a pic of my first Kefir Cymru order! Groovy bottles!


Here’s my daughter Leisa with Fallon!


Hi Beca, the first talk/introduction had parallel text. Call me lazy but I prefer that! Is there zero chance that this can be brought back? Regardless, these are brilliant. Thanks for your hard work.


Sorry, I asked to move away from that, because it’s a fairly important part of the process that your first attempt is just with the transcript, before you look at the translation… :slight_smile:


I am happy with that. If there’s Welsh and English close together I cannot stop myself simply reading the English


Yup, that’s exactly the problem - it removes the desirable difficulty of working through the Welsh first, and that feels less convenient, but will help you more… :slight_smile:


Hi all - thought you might be interested in a bit of Canu Plygain - an ancient form of Welsh carol singing. This version has a bit of a modern flavour to it, but it’s still beautiful - and if you search Canu Plygain on YouTube you’ll find more traditional versions.


Aran has answered this, but it’s also trickier to do with two people talking. The first one was just me!


Hi all - another Sgwrs coming your way tomorrow - with the artist Luned Rhys Parri who makes amazing and characterful 3D creations. This is a piece by her that I have on my wall. There’s much of interest here - especially for those interested in Patagonia - the Welsh speaking community in South America.


@beca-brown, for the young sprout section, I’d be really curious to hear these lads:

now that they’re fresh, and still not skyrocketed into a way bigger music Universe and/or rejected back into obscurity. :roll_eyes:

The web really changed the games in so many fields - and if I think that since I first heard their name (but couldn’t spell it right) it took me years to actually find a Datblygu record…I’d say the Internet can make a difference also for languages like Welsh and its music!


And that’s up - sorry, little later than usual, because we’ve only just got back from the kids’ celebratory post-karate-grading pizza evening… :slight_smile:



I suddenly noticed listening to last week content, and this week again, that they all seem to pronounce es i as eshi don’t they? While I had previously heard as es in esponio. Is it a South - north thing?

Funny thing of the day I kept on hearing pizza, then found out it was Peter! I guess I’m starting to be hungry! :laughing:


That’s the lovely N Wales accent, quite softened. Possibly exaggerated by your loudspeaker.


Thanks, Beca for another great item and a fascinating insight. A must for anyone interested in Welsh art and also Patagonia.

Here’s a shortcut to the gallery website section that was mentioned:

Edited - Sorry. it should have been this link: I hope ok to put up here.


Thanks got the link. Wow!
Another great interview @beca-brown. Diolch.