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Don’t worry, we found it!
(see my post above)
Aran can maybe sort out the way the page looks (when he gets the chance), since it makes it seem it’s not there - even though it is.

So you did ok, for the first time. :wink:


Haha!! I aim to improve…! :crazy_face:


Maybe you just need to put <p> so the new paragraph begins. or, more likely just space inbetween the two links to separate them. (I’m not that familiar with the system on here though). :slight_smile:

If they’re wrong I don’t know, for now I’ve just downloaded the files. The name is right though by all three files.


Beca nailed 90% of it perfectly, and I decided to be helpful by not being around at all while she was having her first live test of this process!..:wink:

It’s fixed now - just a tiny little shift - and the speed with which Beca picks up whatever new tech challenge we throw at her means it’ll all get smoother over the next few weeks - and thank you all for your help and understanding in the meantime… :slight_smile: :star2: :heart:


O, yes. I know from my experience this is the best way one could learn things. When no one is around to lean on him/her then you just have to do the things one way or another and if you make the mistake you remember it this way much more than if one would correct it immediatelly.

Da iawn @beca-brown! To the next challenge you boldly go now! :slight_smile:

This is the beauty of this forum and its community, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


I’m feeling suitably invigorated by the experience! Old ludite dogs and new techie tricks, etc! @aran is very patient, fair do’s!


Oh, come on! I’m not that young also. I’ve passed half of the century but the techy is fun if you take it as such! I know you’re much more skilled than you’re prepared to admit. So … just as I’ve said - boldly to the next challenge! :slight_smile:


I’m always very grateful to have other people in the show who can make the occasional mistake (although you’ve got a LONG way to go before you catch up with how many I make! :slight_smile: ).


Now I’d need/have :slight_smile: for reaction icon rather than :heart:


And another… :heart:


Oh, I see it!


Hi all! Just a little random but rather cool clip of the Urdd Eisteddfod - I’m aware that many of my interviewees talk about the importance of the eisteddfod tradition to them, so here’s what an Urdd Eisteddfod looks like!


Sgwrs 16 is up and ready folks!


Dammo. I am listening to these sgwrsiau, but because they make my brain sizzle, I’ve been going at my own pace. So I’ve just reached Sgwrs 13, and found out that an event I would have really liked to go to has been and gone! At least the exhibition is still on (until 23 February, for the benefit of any other remedial readers), so I’ll be heading up to Bangor very soon. If any of your talks in the future contains an unmissable event, could you give us a heads-up so we can fast forward to that sgwrs, please?


S’mai (we seem to all be familiar here…) Beca.
I coined a phrase for the words that hit you in a fast Welsh conversation:


Haha! So you need a siaced chat flak!


Yes, good point - I did put a poster up here, but didn’t really give much context. I will definitely give you all heads up next time :blush:


No groans here (looks at pull-up and dip bars) :grimacing:


…but not a siarc-ed :laughing:


I just remembered you said we could suggest the types of subjects we’d like to hear about! (And as I’ve only reached sgwrs no.13, apologies if you’ve covered this.) I would love to hear from a local climate change activist, if you have one at your fingertips. If not, there’s a branch of Extreme Rebellion in Machynlleth… just saying.