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Hi all! Enjoy! :rofl::rofl:


Well…there were two things which in truth got a bit jumbled by me (some might say because I didn’t read the post/ problem quite carefully enough :smile:)…

…if you have a problem whereby instead of your chosen emoji, you get some text eg “black flag: “ appearing in your message, the system has lost the first colon - which it uses to decide that an emoji is required - and you can get your Emoji by editing the post and putting the colon back in so that in the editor it reads :blackflag:

(Gosh this is an exciting post isn’t it!!!)

In fact you were talking about an emoji you have on your phone of a Welsh flag (I now believe) but which displays as a black flag in the website viewer…which I agree is a ‘i don’t know how to display this emoji, so I’m going to display a black flag’ kind of problem in the viewer on the website.

You had both problems in your post.

Omg! This is definitely one of those posts you wish you hadn’t started - I’ve bored myself to death with my own reply :smile: - but it’s done now and I can move on!

Rich :slight_smile:


I just watched the lullaby - i have it on my wall at home!


Haha! So in short, I’m stuffed?!


That was funny! :smiley:
But hey, I know achwyn is Welsh - haaa, I can do better that the guy in Cardiff! :wink:
Actually I even said it while trying to speak in Wales and I was told it’s not commonly used in conversations, but I forgot the one to use instead!


Was it ‘cwyno’? I think ‘achwyn’ is used - they certainly use it on Pobol y Cwm! Along with ‘mae cro’n dy dîn ar dy dalcen’ - the skin of your arse is on your face! South Walian for looking pissed off, apparently!!


Right, cwyno! But at this point, I’ll keep achwyn in use, too.
And make sure to add “mae cro’n dy dîn ar dy dalcen” ha ha! :smiley:


Haha. Perhaps keep it or at least the translation for Wales only. It might not travel too well. :rofl:

When we moved across the border for a while, we had to ease off on anatomical terms of endearment.


I really should have gone to a WM school (bit tricky when there wasn’t one in my area) and maybe then I’d have heard of it before yesterday. It could have been in my lullaby repertoire, several years ago and might have come in handy.


Ok - I’ll be sure to learn that one then!!! Wow this forum is so useful!! :smile: :smile: :smile:


Oh, do tell…:no_mouth:


Ok, the new one is up - yes it is early! (Small matter of me going to Sweden tomorrow!), and don’t panic, you haven’t missed one, I’ve mistakenly called it 19 instead of 18… :see_no_evil:
Maybe Mr. @aran can do something about that? If not, please accept my apologies…


Oh, perfect! I’m away this weekend too, and I was thinking i wouldn’t be able to download this week’s scwrs till I got back. Now I can take it away with me!


It’s a very old one and is barely in use now as the Welsh is very early and speakers now would barely make it out. It’s an incredibly important piece because I think it’s one of the first instances of Welsh being written down.


Em…lle os gwelwch chi’n dda? Goro gan bod (I did say in class I would speak like a four year old)
Where please? I must have that :hushed:


It’s called Pais Dinogad…


Early and even South Walian…I would never dare to complain about anything related to it! :wink::grinning:
And anyway you can solve the problem calling 18 the next one! :grin:


Mmm… I can change the name on it from our system, but I can’t change the actual file name very easily - I think Gisella’s right that the easiest way forward is just to call the next one 18… :wink:

Mwynha dy hun yn Sweden!


(I’m actually old enough to understand that reference… :wink: ).