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Aysgarth in Wensleydale. Part of the rounds of my dad’s cousin: “James Herriot”. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I’ll certainly pass those on!


Though you’d enjoy this - it’s pretty amazing


A new Sgwrs is up, folks! A few of you may have heard of him - Mr Saith Seren, Marc Jones! Enjoy


I’m behind with these, and just wanted to ask (as they’re listed by name) - @Betterlatethan said she particularly liked one with the manager of Palas Print, and I’m just wondering which one that is(?)


The one from 8 days ago. 024 Eirian James. :smile:


Yes, that’s the one I meant.




Another one is up, folks! And it’s our very own @siaronjames :heart_eyes:




About time someone dished the dirt on @siaronjames! I’m jumping ahead to get the lowdown…


I thought others may like to see this video of one of the interviewees :blush:. A very short video showing Luned Rhys Parri at Plas Glyn Y Weddw Art Gallery with her latest exhibition. Her wonderful work always makes me smile :grin:


Wow, yes, that really brings it to life. Fabulous - thank you for that!

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi all! Another Sgwrs is up! It’s an Easter theme (we don’t just throw this stuff together y’know…!) - it’s a chap you’ve heard before talking about classic cars, so don’t panic and think you’ve got the wrong one! Hope you enjoy…


Trystan? Ooo, that will be interesting - I still have the transcript of the first one (all of them actually) - and it is absolutely plastered with my hand writing reflecting words I didn’t know at the time.

What a fantastic yard stick it will be approx 6 months later! Hmmm.

Rich :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s a challenging one in that the subject is a bit niche - lots of words I didn’t know too! And his Welsh is quite formal, but then again he’s a very clear speaker with an unhurried manner. See how you get on!


Is it just me or does it sound like someone is writing on paper with a marker pen through the recordings? Not a complaint, just an observation. Once heard it’s difficult to unhear. I’m up to #19 by the way.


Thank you Beca, I really look forward to these at the end of the week and spend a morning diligently working over them. One small point: I think in the latest Trystan interview someone is a bit confused about English geography. Trystan says ‘Mi oedd na draddodiad solffa cry mewn llefydd fel Hanley, Burslem yn Newcastle on Tyne, yr ardal lle oedd y gweithie ac yn rhanne o Sir Gaerhirfryn, yn ogystal a Swydd Efrog, Barnsley a llefydd felly’, which the transcript renders as ‘There was a strong sol-fa tradition in places like Hanley, Burslem in Newcastle on Tyne, the areas where the works were, and parts of Yorkshire, Leicester and Barnsley and places like that’. Firstly I think the Welsh should read ‘Burslem a Newcastle on Tyne’, since Burslem is not in Newcaste on Tyne but is, like Hanley, a part of Stoke-on-Trent (one of Arnold Bennett’s Five Towns), secondly Sir Gaerhirfryn is Lancashire not Leicestershire. So I think the transcript should read ‘There was a strong sol-fa tradition in places like Hanley, Burslem and Newcastle on Tyne, the areas where the works were, and in parts of Lancashire, as well as Yorkshire, Barnsley and places like that’.

Keep up the good work!


Well spotted! That’s probably my mistake rather than Trystan’s!


Hmm, I can’t say I’ve noticed. Is it a squeak?