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Aysgarth in Wensleydale. Part of the rounds of my dad’s cousin: “James Herriot”. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I’ll certainly pass those on!


Though you’d enjoy this - it’s pretty amazing


A new Sgwrs is up, folks! A few of you may have heard of him - Mr Saith Seren, Marc Jones! Enjoy


I’m behind with these, and just wanted to ask (as they’re listed by name) - @Betterlatethan said she particularly liked one with the manager of Palas Print, and I’m just wondering which one that is(?)


The one from 8 days ago. 024 Eirian James. :smile:


Yes, that’s the one I meant.




Another one is up, folks! And it’s our very own @siaronjames :heart_eyes:




About time someone dished the dirt on @siaronjames! I’m jumping ahead to get the lowdown…


I thought others may like to see this video of one of the interviewees :blush:. A very short video showing Luned Rhys Parri at Plas Glyn Y Weddw Art Gallery with her latest exhibition. Her wonderful work always makes me smile :grin:


Wow, yes, that really brings it to life. Fabulous - thank you for that!

Rich :slight_smile: