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Really enjoyed that thanks . Very interesting and will be very useful as it is exactly how I hear Welsh spoken on the street . Looking forward to the next one


Nice to meet you Becca. I enjoyed getting to know you a little. I didn’t need a transcript for this one but will look forward to poring over them in future. It will be great to have a focus when I’m back in Oz.


Lovely fast but clear speech. And yet more proof that Llanrug is the centre of the Universe :slight_smile:
I can’t wait for episode 2. And the double-speed recordings, too!


The Android app looks at this place, hooray!

Unfortunately the intro isn’t set up as a normal lesson, so it doesn’t notice it’s there, boo. I’ll need to make a minor tweak to get the intro to show up.

But I have my fingers crossed that the subsequent advanced content will show up as standard lessons and will appear automatically…


Good advice, thank you, Aran. I listened to the first one a couple times before looking at the transcript. I was pleased that I could get the gist of it, but knew I was missing quite a bit. Then I read the first part of the transcript (didn’t have time to read the whole thing) and listened again - definitely picked up more of the part I’d read. So today, with more time, I’ll finish reading and listen again.

A brilliant resource. Really looking forward to more!


Ive had a couple of other ideas for a conversation but these might not be as universally ineresting. How about one on health and fitness or diet? (I won’t be offended if this is met by a collective groan :laughing:)


Current plan is super lo-fi, same as the Growth Club stuff - we load the media items then link to them from that static page. It’s something I’d like to improve and fancify over time, but for the next few months I’m utterly determined to keep Ifan on the SSiBorg as much as possible… :slight_smile:


If it works the same as growth club then the problem should resolve itself.

When I say lessons I mean the files show up as media items inside the “lessons” section in the course data, rather than being rendered in the style of the lesson page on the website.

At the moment Beca’s intro is only in the media items of the course itself, so the app is not picking it up


This is reaching my ears as ‘wordswordswords’ - so I’m going to tag @kinetic in here and say Hey, Ifan, whassup with this then? :wink:


Really good stuff. Just a suggestion for a future topic: anything to do with Y Wladfa, that is, Welsh in Argentina :slight_smile:


Really clear and nice speed, please don’t change anything. I think I understand Gog better than the Welsh in my local area now, because I get so much more exposure to it on the Radio etc. The lack of materials to listen to frim my area - fast and colloquial - does create a slight problem for me in trying to understand people where I live in Cwmtawe and if you could interview someone from Cwmtawe - linked to rugby or a comedian? then that would be fantastic for me - I find male speakers from my area particularly challenging for some reason and more exposure would be great.

Edit: These recorded snippets are great, because my Welsh learning is done solely on my way to and from work and I don’t get to watch S4C etc very much at all - I have no control over the remote control in my house. So listening materials are ideal.


I’ve been chatting with Ifan about this. He’s on board to make the change, but it would require blessing from Aran to spend tipyn bach o amser on it.

In the meantime, I’ve updated the beta for the iOS app to accommodate the Advanced content as is. See this thread for more details:


This is just what I needed! Diolch o galon Aran, Beca a phawb! :grin:


Good suggestion!


Top suggestion! Ask your friend if he’s up for it and we could do a chat along the lines of ‘So, do gogs and hwntws REALLY not understand each other, or is it a myth?!’


Thanks Beca, I’m from Birmingham originally so I can use your Mam as an inspiration. My first thought was that I really struggled with that, but I did what Aran sugggested, listen read in Welsh listen read in English and found, to my delight, I hadn’t really missed much.

What I found really interesting was the bit about changing the language you’ve always used with someone. I’m going through this at the moment and it’s weird. Most people are really encouraging but I have a mix of things happening, sometimes people answer me in English but it’s the right response so I know I said it right and I have I’ve friend (1st language Welsh) who seems completely bemused by the whole Colin speaking Welsh thing.


Bore da Beca, enjoyed your first piece and going to spend a fair bit of time on it. More and more bits and pieces falling into place thanks to this and other SSi resources. I’m a gardener so get a chance to listen to tapes on some jobs. If you happen to know anyone into gardening, allotments, horticulture in any way and (long shot) apple trees then that would be wonderful to hear some time in the future.


Maybe someone from the “Garddio a mwy” programme. I’ve mentioned on here that I love this before, it’s really interesting and the three main presenters are very easy to understand. So @beca-brown, Sioned Edwards, Iwan Edwards and Meinir Gwilym are waiting your call. :joy::wink:


Plîs let it be Meinir Gwilym then, with the added bonus that @beca-brown could talk to her about music as well :slight_smile:


Great stuff, Beca, this is just what someone like me needs. I am coming to the end of my first year as a learner and can read orthodox formal Welsh moderately fluently, but I still struggle with understanding the more idiomatic stuff especially when spoken at a realistic pace. One suggestion: perhaps you could append to the transcript a short glossary of words or forms likely to give a learner trouble - I mean things that one struggles to find in a dictionary. Examples: I tried to work out the Welsh transcript without using the English crib and got nearly all of it but was temporarily thrown by ‘wrach’ till I realised it had nothing to do with witches but must be a form of ‘hwyrach’; I was baffled by ‘yn dydach’, which I was trying to relate to a verb ‘didach’, to hide, and it took me a while to realise that '‘lly’ must just be a short form of ‘felly’.
As far as subject matter goes, I know it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I would be very interested if you could do an interview with a Welsh poet or two, discussing how they practise their craft now and how they see themselves in relation to the great Welsh poetic tradition of the past.