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Hi folks - Houston, we have a problem! - Storm Hannah struck last night and consequently I have no wi-fi, and am unable to load Sgwrs 28, grrr. Hopefully it will be resolved soon…


Oh dear! I hope the storm has brought nothing more serious than lost WiFi!


Esgusodion. :roll_eyes:



All fine otherwise, thank you. A lovely chap from the BT is currently having a look at things.




Ok it’s up! Teenage son has emerged from his pit and showed me how to do a hotspot!


Ha ha, handy. I tried that in work and got access to the entire server - worrying :slight_smile:


Oh yikes!!!




Rita Skeeter’s magic quill?


I carry one all the time since going back to Uni…


Hah…literally what I have aside from my smart :iphone:


Keep that in your back pocket


neu Mari Lovgreen o Dym Byd Sbeshial?


Conjuring up interesting mental images for me of the gruntius household SSiW squeak spotting… I am tempted to come up with suspect Victorian quote: “So unlike the home life of Our Dear Queen…”


Ideas for SSiW merch… that merch short for merchandise, btw.


Another Sgwrs is up, folks! Nursing is the topic, and just a note of caution, there’s an upsetting tale of an injured child starting at 13 mins in. Doesn’t last long, but I’m just letting you know.


…just heard Nicci Beech on Radio Cymru this morning talking about the festival!

Rich :slight_smile:


Well you were well prepared for her weren’t you! :smile:


Another Sgwrs up, folks! A Pen Llyn accent, and a member of the Porthdinllaen lifeboat crew. Enjoy!