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Aaaand another one! And - drum roll - a south Walian! Enjoy!


So… (as this is how everyone seems to start sentences these days!) - another Sgwrs is up, but for the eagle-eyed among you, you will spot that there is no translation. There was a translation, oh there was, and then my laptop had a funny turn… there was some swearing involved. Me, not the laptop. So if you’ll give me a few hours to re-do the translation, all will be well… :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Ooh, ouch… sori mawr!


Just a thought, have you checked in your computer’s ‘Recycle Bin’?
(It might save you quite a bit of work if it’s there!)


I did a full search on the whole machine until about 4am :weary::weary: - nowhere to be seen!!


Translation is up now folks, and I’ve swapped the transcript too - apparently there were 15 blank pages at the end! Not great for those of you who print stuff off! I must have put my gin down on the space key… :wink:


…right after realizing the file of the translation had disappeared! :weary:


Yereeees…! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Hope I haven’t missed it being said before but what does andros mean? It is in the ap geiriaduron and even the dreaded google translate won’t help. It appears often and I even heard it on the radio the otjer day.


Usually something like ‘hugely, enormously’… ‘andros o amser da’ bit like ‘heck of a good time’…


diolch Aran


Hi folks! Normal service will shortly be resumed - with some extra newness - after the party weekend!
Meanwhile - here’s a Rownd a Rownd blooper!


Also, as you may be aware it’s the youth Eisteddfod week - Eisteddfod yr Urdd - you can catch it all on s4c of course, but there’s also an excellent free app where you can see every performance. This is the Cerdd Dant duet from yesterday, it’s about what can happen when you build ‘fesul gair’ - word by word - and it made me think of SSiW! ‘Fesul gair mae dod ynghyd, fesul gair mae gweld y byd’ - word by word we come together, word by word we see the world. Enjoy!


Are there any clips of people who might be in some way familiar to Beca a’i Phobl listeners, perhaps winning recitation prizes or something like that? :star: :star2:


There might be…!!!


Here’s Leisa Gwenllian, a familiar voice to both Rownd a Rownd viewers and Sgwrs listeners! It’s a poem about nature and greenery being marginalised in our towns and cities.



aka MY DAUGHTER WON YES MY DAUGHTER WON IN YOUR FACE MAGGIE THATCHER whatdoyoumean I have LIVE interviews at 10.55pm and 8.00am for SSiW ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?

[I’m pretty certain that’s what I heard Beca saying in the gig last night]


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: have you frequented the watering holes of Caernarfon today, Mr Jones…?!


You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

One half-pint of weak cider, and this is what we get. #AgingDisgracefully