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Published: new advanced content


So… (as this seems to be the way to start sentences these days…! :grimacing:)… I have semi-recovered from the SSiW party and all its super fantasticness - it was lovely to see those of you I managed to see, and many apologies to those I didn’t manage to catch up with. Wasn’t it a great weekend?
Now that I am back to normal, sort of… (normal, moi?!), I’ve been throwing some ideas back and forth with Aran about changing things up a bit in Advanced Content land. We thought it might be good to have a bit more variety - some shorter pieces for those who find the Sgyrsiau a bit of a struggle sometimes, and just some experimental bits and bobs to see what you think. There will still be Sgyrsiau, but not every week necessarily. There will now also be a story - written and read by yours truly (I’ll go slowly… :blush:); there will be shorter less formal Sgyrsiau following a certain event or life story - I’d like to think of them as simple documentaries of varying episode length; and there will be shortie Sgyrsiau with learners too.
Some or all of the above will appear weekly in the usual place, and will be titled accordingly with episodes numbered.
The first ep of the first mini-doc goes up tonight, and will be the first of a short series following the Eisteddfod yr Urdd experience of Rownd a Rownd’s Leisa Gwenllian (Kylie Walsh).
I will start new threads for the new bits, making sure they’re clearly titled.
Let’s see how it goes!


Variety sounds great to me! :slight_smile:

Even though I’ve missed just a few Sgyrsiau (by the way I don’t think I had ever seen the plural, did I? :thinking:) I have enough to do by revising just those for a whole year, so it’s good to have something different! :sweat_smile:


Noooooooo don’t :star: :star2:

So looking forward to this new stage - I think it’s going to be a brilliant step forward, and we’re so lucky to have such a wealth of creativity being brought to table with our advanced content :stars:


Sounds great - looking forwards to the variety!
Can I just make sure I understand correctly: is the intention to try to publish something weekly, but a few weeks might be missed here and there?


No, there will be stuff up weekly, but it will be a combination of the above items.


At the moment I can’t get the new stuff to load :weary: - so it will be SOS to @aran in the morning!


Sounds great. Diolch yn fawr iawn :blush:


Fantastic. Very exciting!


The uploading system seems to be misbehaving, so this is going to turn into a Monday kind of thing - sorry about that, folks! It’ll be worth the wait, though… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :star2:


Go on admit it, you’re just building the anticipation!


Sorry to those still waiting for the new stuff - still struggling with techie stuff. Hopefully resolved soon…


Yey! Cracked it! So, the first episode of Stori Dwy Steddfod is up, and there will be more things up before the end of the week! I’ll be uploading stuff throughout the week now and the days will vary depending on life stuff, but I’ll always give a heads-up here when new things are up, and will start separate threads for each new series’, but not for individual eps, as they are shorter than the Sgyrsiau. There will still be separate threads for each Sgwrs. :blush:


How about creating a sub category for Advanced content in the Forum @beca-brown and @aran?

There’s a lot of stuff, and more and more every day (which is good, not complaining!) While this thread pops up on top from time to time, I doubt that many people are going to notice the ones for each Sgwrs apart from us who remember when they started. And maybe now with more variety there might be even more discussions related to this material and it would be good if it was easier to find them.

Note: don’t worry, Beca, once that someone else has created the area, all you will need to do is choosing that category instead of “general/questions” when you create a new topic! :smiley:


Yup, we’ve got some work to do on design - it’s going to need to be lo-fi for a little longer, but we will get there… :slight_smile:


Maybe you’re talking about the advanced content page now?
It would be great to have that more structured of course, especially in the long run. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, at the moment, I meant just a much simpler thing like adding one of these - allowing us to find all the therads related to Advanced Content in one click:


On Radio Cymru again as I listen !? :wink:


Ah, right - yes, I’m always very wary about adding new areas - let’s see how we go in here, and if it gets really tough, then we can think about adding a whole new area… :slight_smile:


Oh nooooo! Now you know that I’m an Archers superfan!! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Weeeelll, your secret was safe with me :zipper_mouth_face: …I would have said nothing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Sgwrs was good - interesting new format - keeping us on our toes - I enjoyed it! …I could heeeaar you trying to speak slowly at the beginning :wink:

Rich :slight_smile: