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Haha! I tried reeeeaaaaally hard…! Especially for yoooooou!


Ha, well @aran would probably have blown my cover, as he is aware of my Archers problem! I had to declare it during the job interview…


That is an oxymoron no one has an Archers problem. Although some of the storylines are getting on my nerves at the moment!


I listened to the new episode (of the Advance content, not the Archers - that I had never heard of)
I think the new format is just perfect for my level! :slight_smile:
I can easily find 20 minutes to go through the whole sequence of listening, transcript, listening, translation, listening.
And at the end, I’m not completely exhausted like at the end of just one listen of the “regular” sgwrs: it’s much easier to keep my attention focused, and follow and catch the vocabulary because it’s shorter and just one topic.

By the way for me the topic is particularly good because I still have only vaguely understood the whole Eisteddfod thing. And I find even more interesting the fact it’s someone directly involved and not someone from the outside just describing.

It’s also easier to find some extra time in the week to go through it all again, or just listen to it, or re-check a few words, or look at transcript and translation side by side like I did with songs and I find very helpful to learn structures and new expressions.

p.s. @rich where did you hear Beca on the radio again? :wink: I just read a bit about the Archers, now. Not sure I’m going to listen to it :roll_eyes: But I can tell I got everybody making fun of me here cause I enjoyed a Welsh TV comedy series on Clic - can’t remember the title, though - from the 80s, I think, set in a farm, with an older rough lady and her daughter, an old and a young helper making a mess, and a lot of humour based on cows and mud! :rofl:


Ha, ha - @beca-brown is going to love you for this! (Lovely post above once again by the way :sunny: ).

It was on Post Prynhawn at the very end - if you go to 55 mins - I think it starts just after that.

Of course Beca has her Welsh Speaking jet-boots on for this interview! :wink:

Post Prynhawn - 11/06/2019 - @bbcradiocymru

Rich :slight_smile:


I guess most people will have seen it already but on the ‘advanced listening’ side of things I have discovered that you can get a transcript for the news reports on Radio Cymru with an English translation facility.

This helps ‘breaking in’ to the vocab of the news reports. You can have a look through before or after listening.

I put it as a separate post here

In retrospect in might have been more sensible to put it under this topic…but still - covered either way now.

Rich :slight_smile:


Haha! So - they’re going environmentally sound! (Oh…that was a bit of a spoiler if you haven’t heard tonight’s! :weary:)


Never heard of The Archers???!! That’s it! It’s over! I’m off!!! :crazy_face:


Jet boots on - especially for you…! :airplane:
Mind you, I defy anyone to speak slowly when you’ve got a two minute ‘and finally’ slot, with Dewi Llwyd making ‘wind it up now’ signs at you from across the desk!
And incidentally, his son’s girlfriend has just started learning with SSiW!


Hello peeps! Another ‘Sgwrs’ is up! Well actually it’s just me! I write a column for a monthly magazine called Barn, and last month I wrote about the SSiW birthday and its wider significance. So you’ve got me reading it!




I was always envious of bi and multilingual people, but instead of disliking them for it I decided to be one of them.


Today was the first time I’ve sat down and completed one of these intentionally, the way @aran suggests (listen, read, listen, read, listen). I chose Mali Parry Jones’ sgwrs which was really interesting! If I wasn’t terrified of the sea I might join a lifeboat myself!

The first few I’d listened to I’d had on in the background and tended to drift. This time I had it on whilst I made my breakfast but I knew my intention was to read and repeat, which seemed to help me concentrate.

I’d gone off the boil a bit with my Welsh journey. It’d been simmering along but I was definitely getting anxious about how I’d cope at the Eisteddfod and I’d found i was avoiding situations to use it too. So, recently for several reasons, I’ve vowed to do something intentionally in Welsh everyday. That’s included redoing level 3, listening to some advanced content as above, and having at least one 10 minute chat (this has been the hardest to implement so far).

Anyway, my main point before the ramble was to say - Diolch @beca-brown ac @aran! Dw i’n methu aros at weld chi i gyd yn Llanrwst!


Forgive me for being nosey @AnthonyCusack, but doesn’t your partner speak Welsh as a first language?

You already know what I’m thinking. :thinking::grinning:


My wife does indeed, and it’s amazing how difficult it is to get us speaking Welsh together :see_no_evil:

There’s been a lot of job changes and other things happen recently (all positive) but it’s meant we’ve both had a finite amount of energy and so I’ve been lazy with my Welsh. Rubbish excuse but that’s what happens sometimes. Much more settled from tomorrow (her work has been very very busy with on calls and overtime, including tonight).


I’m not going to turn this into an Anthony update, but I said “i’r diawl” and phoned my mother-in-law for a 15 minute sgwrs.


I think that’s a mojo I can see coming over the hill… :slight_smile: :star2: :heart:


You’re are such an encouragement to us relative newbies. When stuff happens (even good stuff) you sometimes need to ease off on the pedal to get ready for your next hill climb. :slight_smile:


Finally read the trawsgriff of this. Lots of new vocabulary, so needed to use the dictionary quite a bit. But oh my, what a powerful message! Thank you, @beca-brown


A lovely message! Glad you’ve enjoyed the Sgyrsiau so far.
The Stori Dwy Steddfod strand will be following a competitor for the Llanrwst Eisteddfod, so as you’re attending you may find it interesting!