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Awwww diolch! Yes, there’s vocab there that I’d never use when speaking, but there might be a few goodies in there that are of interest. Glad you like the message…


@beca-brown, I’ve been listening to the interview with your father on Beti a’i Phobl, which was fun because it covered a lot of the same ground as your interview with him, so it was comparatively easy to follow. But I loved the story he told about his mother. “You’ve lost him now, Mrs Brown!” It made me laugh out loud.


Haha yes, that was a good one! My poor Grandma and Grandpop… they never quite got over us all learning Welsh! :see_no_evil:
Glad you enjoyed it and found it easier post-Sgwrs!
Another Sgwrs is going up tomorrow, with the fantastic Meinir Gwilym, so some vocab etc should be familiar there too as I’m sure you know a bit about her already.


Oh brilliant! It was lovely meeting Meinir at the Parti (and dancing to her music).


@beca-brown you were right, the straeon dwy steddfod have been very interesting so far! :slight_smile:


Hi folks, another Sgwrs is up - with SSiW fave, Meinir Gwilym!




To those of you who tackled the Trystan Lewis Sgwrs on the Tonic Sol-fa, here are his children sight reading a hymn using Sol-fa.


Hmmm, is this link working for people? Coming up all funny on my phone…


( no, I can’t get it to work on my iPhone. I heard Trystan on Radio Cymru yesterday - I’ve heard him mentioned also previously - I didn’t realise he was such a celebrity! )

Rich :slight_smile:


Not working for me either. it looks like this on my browser and play button is not active:

But I’d be curious to hear the solfa!


Facebook are consistently fiddly about embedding - and we don’t have iframes on the forum - so I’ve changed it to a link that people should be able to follow… :slight_smile:


Does this work?


Also this one?


I try to bring you Wales’ brightest and best! :blush:


Diolch @aran!


Ha just listened - I imagine tea time could be a bit noisy (but potentially very musical) in their household!

I knew two brothers (twins) and a sister when I lived in Oxford who kept this up as adults - you could give them some music and they would sight read and sing it in parts - it was a cool party trick.

I’m sure Trystan will make sure they keep going!

Rich :slight_smile:


It’s lovely isn’t it!


Ep 3 of Stori Dwy Steddfod is up!


Just listened to @siaronjames and it was brilliant! You really are an inspiration to us all, and you’re spot on, the community here really does give you a boost and is so positive! Diolch o galon Siaron a Beca!