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Hi all! To celebrate his birthday, a new Sgwrs will be up tonight, with the man himself @aran! Penblwydd hapus iawn i ti! :tada::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿:birthday:


Those are supposed to be Welsh flag and cake emojis… oh well!


I presumed it was a pirate flag but that someone had stolen the skull… :smiley:


Today I learnt a word from another word…wait I can do better than that…
I was listening to Post Prynhawn and they mention the llefarydd. Thanks to Stori Dwy Steddfod I was able to work out that was speaker. I was also really pleased with the speed I managed to make the connection :smile:

Diolch @beca-brown a Leisa!


Oh well done! It just shows how little things link together doesn’t it!


Great content. I am having fun listening and growing.

Can you post the Welsh version of
017 Gill Brown
Both the translation and the Welsh version are the same, the translation.


(They seem to be ok on the web version)

Also, thanks so much @beca-brown and SSiW. I’ve just listened to a 30 minute recorded (1st language) talk, not SSiW, without over-concentrating on it. Unless my brain was playing some sort of filtering tricks on me, I’m fairly certain that I understood every single word. What’s going on? :slight_smile:


Massive thanks to Leisa Gwenllian: helping us regardless of situations.

So, when you say “yn awr” for “really”, is this from Garw or Arwr, please?
(* yn arw)


The whole ‘being a Welsh speaker’ thing, I’d hazard a guess…

‘Yn arw’ is garw… :slight_smile:


By the way, I don’t know if there is anything you can do about this, @beca-brown , but I missed this sgwrs for almost a week because I kept checking the advanced page and seeing Stori Dwy Steddfod 03 at the top so thinking nothing new had been published. I guess somehow the system must be sorting things alphabetically, rather than in date order.

I do have a ‘follow’ on this thread, so I should have picked it up from that. Not sure why I didn’t. But is there any way of sorting the posts in date order? (Or maybe there’s a good reason why you’d rather not.)


Hmm, good question. I will enquire! I try to notify on here whenever there’s something new, but as you say, it may not always be obvious. There’s a new Sgwrs going up today, incidentally :blush:


Hi folks! A new Sgwrs will be up tonight and another Stori Dwy Steddfod tomorrow :blush:


Oh crikey! I certainly will!


Yikes! You will have no need for me soon!! :weary::weary:


Not a chance! (That being a reflection on how important you are, @beca-brown - not on @JohnYoung’s abilities.)


Ha ha. yes, Keep 'em coming, Beca. No pain, no gain :grimacing:


I just saw how the iOS app works for advanced content (because I’m on holiday, yessss!) and it puts them in chronological order, so it’s easier to spot when there’s a new one. The negative side is that it also numbers them chronologically. So number 35 is actually stori dwy Eisteddfod 1, and I guess sgwrs 35 is numbered 38 instead.

This is to say…when you add something can you also write here the name and number? So maybe it helps finding things later crossing dates and sequences!


Ok - so there’s a new Sgwrs up, which is Beca a’i Phobl and number 36 - and contains the state secrets of a certain Mrs @catrinlliarjones Aran! You will NEVER guess her answer to the ‘tell us something none of us will know’ question!! :flushed:
(I can hear the sound of scurrying feet heading over to Advanced Content!!!)


My brain is melting!!!



All I’m gonna say!