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Hi Beca,

I’ve finally caught up this morning. I really enjoyed y cyfres Stori Dwy Steddfod. It’s really interesting to hear the insight into behind the scenes like that! Also, I know this might seem really obvious to say given her acting background and that you’re the interviewer, but Leisa is such a natural interviewee. I’m really looking forward to seeing where her career takes her! I’m not a regular soap opera watcher but I will try and catch some more of Rownd a Rownd soon.

As for the Advanced Content in general, I’ve really enjoyed it! It’s really helped me get back on the Welsh journey adding structure and something to do in the car that wasn’t an English language podcast.

Thank you for all of your hard work compiling these! It’s incredible how much you’ve put into helping us! If I can return the favour in anyway, let me know!


Bore da @aran! oedd hynna’n gyflym!!


Hi all! Thank you for your comments regarding the Stori Dwy Steddfod series, and yes, Deg y Dysgwyr is going up today - I was distracted by a football injury (not mine!)…

I think ‘Awtsh’ is internationally understood…!


Ww, awtsh, bechod mawr - brysia wella iddo fo!


Interestingly, having spent most of Sunday in A&E - I did learn that the Welsh for ‘triage’ is ‘brysbennu’. Who knew?! I certainly didn’t! ‘Pennu’ to decide, and ‘brys’ is quickly of course.


Brysia wella iddo! Hopefully, a sprain and no break from the looks of things?


A bad sprain. Off his crutches for the first time today but still hobbling… :weary:


Deg y Dysgwyr is up, with one of our very own learners…! You’ll have to go and listen to find out who :blush:


I’ve at last heard the final instalment of Stori Dwy Steddfod.
I love the shorter formats as much easier to complete the exercises as instructed. Great insights from start to finish. Please pass our thanks on to Leisa for giving up her precious free time (of which it seems she has very little) and for helping us on our learning journey. I’m sure the recordings will be envaluable to her in later life to look back on too. And of course thank you Beca also. The advanced content and snippets of radio Cymru is about all the regular Welsh I get at the moment so always look forward to the next one. No time for TV at the mo so content accessable by phone is great. Had a great few hours catchup with Gisella on Saturday which blew the cobwebs away. Must make an effort to hit north pembs/ Cardigan more often.


Awww thank you for the kind words and I shall indeed pass on your kind comments. You can catch up with Kylie on Rownd a Rownd of course - the new series started back last week :blush:


Hi all! There’s a Deg y Dysgwyr up! I’ll put an alert in the relevant thread too :blush:


Look what I found! @gisella-albertini


:open_mouth: :open_mouth:
OMG! :rofl:
I didn’t know exactly when they’d publish it so I hadn’t seen it yet!


I happened to be on Facebook when they published, so got it immediately! Great piece, and you look super cool!


Love it, love it, love it!

Rich :smile:


Diolch! :smiley:


When this started I had managed to practice with this every week (even though I had only done Level 2 and struggled a lot!).
Then I fell behind and kinda stopped, and it’s a shame cause I was learning a lot from them.

The main reason of course is just that there’s never enough time to do everything I’d like to do!

But I’ve realized that since I fell behind I felt really lost about figuring out what was going on: finding and getting the new audio files (and the transcripts and translations - in a different place if use the App), understanding which ones I had done already, finding the discussion threads here in the forum, deciding what to do when I have 10 free minutes or if I’d like to listen maybe to one topic or another.

It takes me too long to get this all sorted, I feel I’m wasting too much time and end up doing nothing at all!

So I’ve decided to make a spreadsheet file with all the info I find helpful to make it easier.

I plan to add the links to the audio and pdf files for easy access (I tried directly from the webpage, but it seems to save my account details as well and a temporary token; so when I login again it doesn’t work any more).

Just wondering if someone else finds it useful, and would like to participate - thinking what else could be added or adding the topics, or whatever (Thinking of @rich,who took so many notes for example? ;-).
Or then just get a copy of it, just let me know!

(How it looks now to give an idea - click on image to see a larger version)


Wow that looks very, very organised…I’m seeing a different side to you @gisella-albertini !

I agree the challenge is fitting in the possibilities into the time available :smile:

I went through the challenges as they came out which was absolutely fantastic at the time - lucky timing for me…and just about managed to hang on to them/ keep up…for someone tackling it now, working through or gap filling I can see the problem and the benefit of your information.

More recently I’ve gone through a similar listening/ transcript exercise with Post Cyntaf and Post Prynhawn…also difficult to start with but really useful.

It would be very interesting to listen to these again to see how they sound now…as I think I’ve moved forward :roll_eyes:

…I’m going to Porthmadog next weekend - the first time I’ve been back to Wales since, loosely speaking, I can speak Welsh…

…I’ll use your list to pick out some of the thicker Northern dialects (I’m a bit worried about not being able to understand anyone/ the strong accent :smile: but I’m sure I’ll be fine :roll_eyes: )

Rich :slight_smile:


Yes, you’ll be fine once youve got your ear in, Rich. :grin:. I’m not finding the accent to be any problem. Its only the occasional bit of vocab, but the thing is, its easy to switch the conversation between Welsh and English and back again when needed in Gwynedd as Welsh is the default. I’d say much more so than further South, where it can be tricky to change back. Just my experience.



Oh, this makes me think I should add an intensity scale for the accents, so it can be useful for high intensity trainings in case of necessity like this! :laughing:

Enjoy and let us know how it goes! :wink: