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Thanks for the response, and a fair point re the spoken Welsh forms that you wouldn’t necessarily find in a dictionary. Will have a think about how best to deal with that, and have a chat with @aran. B


Pretty good chance of that - Meinir is a personal friend…! :blush: (and a friend of SSiW!)


I’ve added them to my list!


I shall hunt down a male rugby enthusiast from Cwm Tawe!


Yes I do! They have an allotment and garden with heritage apples!


Helo bawb!
Still getting to grips with forum world, so apols if I’ve posted this is the wrong place!
I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to you all for your lovely feedback and suggestions - I have quite a list! - it’s great that you’re so enthusiastic about this new element.
A new sgwrs coming your way tomorrow… here’s a clue… it involves a tv show that a few of you quite like…!


Ooh, ramping up the suspense, I like it… you can tell when someone comes from the world of TV… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


So much into apples here in Nairn, we have an orchard group in local allotment society. Heritage, popular varieites and research into local apples doiing well in locality. Hope to establish a Celtic corner soon, have a couple of Welsh apples already: Trwyn Mochyn and Tin yr gwydd, great names and hopefully will interest folk sounds more interesting than here’s a Bramley :-). Grafted some scions too this year from a Breton group Avalou Plabenneg. Plenty of apples with Welsh names and Breton, Irish too but no Gaelic, time to start calling the like of Stirling Castle “Caisteal Sruighlea” etc. :slight_smile:


For all things Welsh-apples I look to

their website is English and Welsh, so perhaps they’d chat.


I used the recommended method and I can tell that for understanding fluent Welsh, it worked great!

There was a huge difference from the first time I listened to it to the last one in my ability to “catch” words and sentences, and it took way less effort to do it - and in a very short time.
So I’m really happy about it! :grin:

At the same time, I have a question. I seem to remember this kind of work is supposed to help adding new vocabulary as well, right?
This week I also found a way to see Rhys Mwyn interview on the TV (that someone had mentioned), without subtitles. As suggested, but also because they weren’t available, to be honest!
I thought the part about music would be easier for me, while instead the only things I was able to understand were bands names and words that sound basically like English or even Italian. :neutral_face:
And the explanation of how a real ancient grinder worked - that was pretty amazing by the way! :open_mouth:

However, in both cases I can’t remember any new words.
So, I was wondering, once the listening+understanding part had been done with this method (no split attention)…wouldn’t it be useful to listen and read at the same time? With songs it seems to work pretty well!


Your memory for the new words will take time and extra exposure to bed down - but listening and reading won’t accelerate that process - once we’ve got the double-speed versions available, your best bet after running through the initial listen-transcript-listen-translation-listen process will be just to listen to the accelerated version once a week/fortnight/month etc… :slight_smile:


Alright, alright. :roll_eyes:
It’s just that I never attempted to learn a language as an adult, and it turns out I don’t have any patience! :rofl:

At school, learning languages was soooooo sloooooooow :scream:
But we were stuck in the classroom for a certain amount of hours anyway, so I didn’t really notice it.
Until now, thinking back and making a comparison with how I’m learning Welsh! :wink:


I thought I’d just hijack this thread to make it an alert for when we publish new advanced content (although over time I’m sure you’ll get used to it being pretty much every Friday without fail… :slight_smile: ).


I’ve just listened to this. What a lovely, lovely interview! I’ve never watched Rownd a Rownd, but will have to go and try it now…

A great idea, and done brilliantly! Diolch yn fawr iawn to all involved!


Well I made it to the end of the first sgwrs and the first transcript. What a fantastic resource. So looking forward to what comes next.

I was particularly interested in what Beca said about Caernarfon being an area where you could live your life through the medium of Welsh. This is what my mother found over the water in Anglesey back in the 70s.

Welsh was her first language and her ‘language of the hearth’ but she’d mostly lived in majority English communities, so she hadn’t spoken in much outside the home. But when her mother Anglesey in the 70s suddenly she was having to speak to lawyers and doctors and garage mechanics in Welsh and learn a who!e new set of vocabulary!


Yeah, thats how I remember Snowdonia and Anglesey in the 70s on a holiday. But perhaps it was just my perception at the time.

Edit - ok perhaps 60s :thinking:


This content is gold! Thanks to Becca, Leisa and everyone who is making this possible.


I’ve just discovered this, this is really useful.
How quickly is Beca speaking? Is this her everyday speaking or has she speeded up for this? I ask because it sounded fast but I was just able to keep up, only missing a few things. I would struggle if this gets chipmunked!


I’ve never spoken Welsh in person with anybody, but after listening to some radio in the last few weeks Beca doesn’t sound fast to me.

So don’t worry, anybody can get used to speed!

(of course not chipmunks-fast, but luckily we don’t have to understand those!)


You actually do get used to those too eventually!