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Such a shock to come back from Canada to the news that you were in the grips of this horrible illness. So glad to know that you are all better. P!ease take care of yourself!


Hey, great to hear you’re well! :slight_smile:

And good that a nice accent’s coming up with next guest! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Croeso nôl! Welcome back!
Please remember to pace yourself. Sepsis is heck of an assault on your body. xx


Are you working a quiet night shift as well, Ali.?


It is indeed. This is my second time, which is a bit worrying, and at exactly the same time of year - to the day, almost…
Anyway, I’m feeling much better although still quite tired, so will be pacing myself, as you say.
Diolch Ali x


Yes, it was a bit of a shock for me too. I had Sepsis exactly two years ago, and hadn’t had so much as a sniffle since the first bout as I’ve made my health an absolute priority, so I was soooo disappointed to get a standard winter cough, that developed into Sepsis almost immediately. Ho hum…
But I’m much better…


Margaret! You know not to mention the ‘Q’ word in healthcare!!! :rofl::kissing_heart:
Actually, I’m days this week and they are all busy. Looking forward to being back on nights for some respite. :wink:
Call in to see me if you’re around. xx


Great to have you back Beca. Take care. Llanrug is fun at the moment with the diversion :grinning:. We loved the Pig Pottery.
Anyway, loving the latest Sgwrs. So clear, or have I changed into a Gog?


Excuse me everyone, could you join me in asking Beca NOT to start ‘testing’ how much work she can do, but to WAIT until she’s genuinely completely better before she starts publishing again? She seems to believe that she’s letting you lot down by looking after her properly, which isn’t the case at all, is it?

I’ve made it as clear to her as possible in our company Slack channel that I do NOT want her doing ANY work until she’s ACTUALLY OKAY, but she is a fractious and stubborn member of the team, and is flat out ignoring me - so I need some help from you lot!


Oh, @beca-brown, please do as you’re told. Aran is already cross with us because we don’t believe he does any washing up. We can’t afford to further annoy him, or to have you back in hospital, so please put your feet up, and we’ll entertain each other until Dr A pronounces you fit to return to work.


@beca-brown, from your “I’m back post” you sounded well and ready to go, to me, despite having had a hard time with the sneaky illness, that you got rid of.

However if you’re still even just a bit on the mend…hey take it easy, rest as much as you need, gain all your strength before publishing more content here!

No hurry to hear the new Hwntw, I can wait until you’re really in full shape, cause…hey your health is more important. :slight_smile:

It’s probably not so easy to slow down for a very active person like you seem to be, but from here we can say, we’ll be fine in the meantime: with the content you’ve already published, I have enough to keep on working on for months - even if I had all day to study Welsh, and I’m sure this is true for anyone else here (or almost)!


The Hwntw is in production! Here’s an article that may interest you - Aaron Ramsey and his first interview in Welsh! You beat him to it though!!


Shall I do a Sgwrs with @aran about his domestic life and cleaning hacks?!


Fractious and stubborn?! Moi?! :wink:


Have I Gog’d you?! Or it could be because Cadi works as a simultaneous translator - a skill I have nothing but admiration for - so I suppose her diction would be good because of that.


Are you in Llanrug, John?!


Hi @beca-brown. Not now :smiley: My wife Glenda, and I were the secret dog sitters for Ceiri (Aran and Catrin’s dog, as you know) last month. We really loved our time in the area for more than just a quick viisit and felt ourselves getting acclimatised to the dialects in both languages, day by day and using Gymraeg as the default language.


Right! But I know that soon after arriving here he had done an interview in Italian, so chwarae teg and I guess we’re pretty even! :grin:


Oh,if you hadn’t announced next Sgwrs already, I’d start to be worried about a secret plan to Gog us all! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I demand a platform to proclaim my innocence.



Hi all, not sure if this will show up ok, I know Facebook links can be problematic - but just in case! Here’s a chat with a former young carer, I’m sure you’ll understand a lot, she’s very clear.