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I have been working through one of the Deg y Dysgwyr chats this morning, and it is much easier (either that or my Welsh is actually improving!!!). I am really pleased by how much of it I am able to understand.


Excellent, glad that’s worked for you. See how you get on with the new story strand starting soon…


Here’s a bedtime story I wrote for children (a Sunday night slot on Radio Cymru) - it might help you sleep if nothing else!
And it might also get you in the mood for the new story thread starting this weekend, called ‘Caru, Paru a Galaru’…


The first episode of the new story is up! It’s called Caru, Paru a Galaru. You’ll soon work out what the equivalent is in English! (although this is my translation/invention, so don’t go thinking it’s official in any way!)
Hope you enjoy…


@gisella-albertini - had to share this with you! A text exchange between myself and my son, who was waiting impatiently to be picked up… #datblygujokes :blush:


:rofl: :rofl:

p.s. an odd coincidence is that the notification of your #datblygujokes post popped up on in the exact moment I was checking Dave’s address on the phone to write it on an envelope (!) :hushed: and the people next to me said it they hoped it wouldn’t start raining right away. (!!) :astonished::astonished:
It felt kinda weird!!!


Wow that is weird!!! I always thought Dave had some superior-being thing going on, and I think that proves it!


And if that wasn’t enough, when I got home, a copy of his new solo single was in my mailbox… :mage: :sunglasses:


Hi folks, there’s a Beca a’i Phobl Sgwrs up - no.40, with a gentleman called Davyth Fear. A bit longer than normal but I’m sure you’ll manage! He’s learnt Welsh, so a very interesting man. Also, you’ll get the inside track on competing on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire…


By accident when I was listening to Caru, Paru and Galaru, it ran on and into Dafyth’s Sgwrs on my phone…

…I have possibly been a bit dumb - not to have thought of it before but it struck me - l could go back to the beginning, make sure they are all downloaded, and let them run through and see how I get on.

This has gone very well - in fact it feels like a breakthrough (although in itself it isn’t of course) but so far I’m ‘a few in’ and - more or less - I’ve understood everything. I just need a bit more driving around time to confirm :smile: - although I’ve been through some tough gog ones so I think it’s true!

I can’t quite decide how significant this is - what I do know is that when I first heard these recordings, I would have been very, very happy to know I would get to this point…and I guess that in itself must mean something. :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


That’s excellent. I’m never sure how the various recordings and strands present themselves on different devices, and whether they group together in a sensible way or not.
There’ll be a festive Sgwrs up tomorrow, with a local Aladdin! You had the history of Christmas music with Trystan Lewis last year which was a challenging listen even when you speak Welsh fluently, so it’s amateur panto this year!


Incidentally, talking of Trystan Lewis - you may remember him mentioning quite a bit about the Tonic Sol Fa in his Sgwrs - here’s a clip of his children singing it, if the link works properly. If not, it’s from Noson Lawen - Nadolig yr Ifanc, broadcast last night.


:heart: Ha, that’s brilliant isn’t it. They have a surprising difference in voice ranges for their age - do you think Trystan has trained it into them?! I can imagine them all singing as a family when they’re taking a trip in the car!

I suspect it won’t be the end of their time on stage and on tv!

Rich :slight_smile:


Quite low voices for young children, I thought. Yes, I’m sure we’ll see more of them!


Hi all! The Christmas Sgwrs is up! Number 41, Beca a’i Phobl. Hope you enjoy. Nadolig Llawen! :santa:t4::star2::christmas_tree:


Shame there’s no script because this is perfect for some listening practice …

Written by our friend MSR.


Seen lots of praise for this on Twitter. Will have a listen, thanks for sharing


Grab a tissue. I loved it but somehow think that being a mother will give you a slightly higher level of love for it.


Yep, that was a bittersweet listen. Excellent piece though, well worth listening to.


This one was great - thank you! I am understanding these far better now, and really getting useful new vocabulary and language from them. I guess I am used to them, and my Welsh might even be improving with use! Thank you again, and blwyddyn newydd dda!