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I have been working through one of the Deg y Dysgwyr chats this morning, and it is much easier (either that or my Welsh is actually improving!!!). I am really pleased by how much of it I am able to understand.


Excellent, glad that’s worked for you. See how you get on with the new story strand starting soon…


Here’s a bedtime story I wrote for children (a Sunday night slot on Radio Cymru) - it might help you sleep if nothing else!
And it might also get you in the mood for the new story thread starting this weekend, called ‘Caru, Paru a Galaru’…


The first episode of the new story is up! It’s called Caru, Paru a Galaru. You’ll soon work out what the equivalent is in English! (although this is my translation/invention, so don’t go thinking it’s official in any way!)
Hope you enjoy…


@gisella-albertini - had to share this with you! A text exchange between myself and my son, who was waiting impatiently to be picked up… #datblygujokes :blush:


:rofl: :rofl:

p.s. an odd coincidence is that the notification of your #datblygujokes post popped up on in the exact moment I was checking Dave’s address on the phone to write it on an envelope (!) :hushed: and the people next to me said it they hoped it wouldn’t start raining right away. (!!) :astonished::astonished:
It felt kinda weird!!!


Wow that is weird!!! I always thought Dave had some superior-being thing going on, and I think that proves it!


And if that wasn’t enough, when I got home, a copy of his new solo single was in my mailbox… :mage: :sunglasses: