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Will wonders never cease?.. :wink: :star2:

[Clearly very well deserved!]


To those of you who’ve heard Sgwrs 41, here’s the first episode of Carwyn Jones’ tv debut, Sigldigwt!


For those that listened to Stori Dwy Steddfod, Te yn a Grug is on S4C right now.


Yes, watching it. Very impressed with it.


To those who followed Stori Dwy Steddfod, here’s the link to Te yn y Grug, broadcast last night


In case you’re interested, Cadi the marathon runner who featured in a recent Sgwrs is on Heno tonight.


Helo bawb! Another Caru, Paru and Galaru is up :blush:


Aaaaand another episode of Caru, Paru a Galaru is up, no.3. Just to say that there is reference to baby loss in this episode, in case anyone wants to avoid it for that reason.
Otherwise, I hope it proves useful…


Hi all, there is a 7th ep of Stori Dwy Steddfod up - I know that series was supposed to be finished, but as the show was broadcast over Christmas I thought it might be interesting to catch up with the cast and see what they thought of the tv version, and what they’re doing now. I know @Catriona has been reading the original novel which is massively impressive, so hope you enjoy this final (definitely final!) episode! :grin:


Ooh, thank you!


Bore da

I am pleased to say that I really feel as though I am starting to ‘get’ this material now. I know that I have picked up a lot of vocabulary and language through listening to one new and one old piece of content a week. I listened to one of the Beca a’i Phobl chats on my commute this morning and was very pleased with how much I understood, even the first time.

Diolch yn fawr - it was extremely challenging at first, but has been well worth sticking with it - and I still have quite a lot of the material to work my way through!


Llongyfarchiadau Neil! Sounds like you are experiencing a well deserved break through and I’m sure it feels amazing! Looking forward to hearing where your learning journey takes you next! :slight_smile:


Oh that’s brilliant Neil, it takes a while to tune in doesn’t it. There’s another ep of the story up, and I have a trilogy of conversations about policing past and present starting tomorrow hopefully. Plenty of stuff to keep you busy!!


Helo pawb! There’s a Caru, Paru and Galaru episode up. Hope you enjoy!


Diolch Beca - I listened to the story on the train to work and thoroughly enjoyed it!


Some rather exciting news that I found on the Archers Appreciation Forum on Facebook… (what do you mean you’re not on it!!!)


Thank you Neil!


Wow - llongyfarchiadau mawr @beca-brown!


Someone else doing the dramatisation… ooh! I hope you like the result! Will anyone give you a say at any point, @beca-brown?


Presumably this is ‘A oes heddwas?’ ( a much sparkier title in Welsh). Not to be recommended, though, for people who might be thinking of attending their first Eisteddfod, and who might be fondly imagining an atmosphere of peace and love…