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Not sure about ‘Philip’ or ‘Gavin’ - they’ve spoken a few lines in Welsh on the show, but that doesn’t mean they speak it of course. I will ask on the Archers Appreciate forum - someone will know!


Bit slow getting the second installation of Arfon Jones up this week - I’ve been writing podcast scripts for learners to go with the next FFIT Cymru series on S4C. Any FFIT fans here?


Does anybody remember the Sgwrs with blacksmith artist Angharad Pearce Jones from last August? Here’s a piece of her work that’s just gone up in the Senedd in Cardiff… pretty amazing.


Oh Myfanwy Alexander might know[quote=“beca-brown, post:907, topic:14312”]
. I will ask on the Archers Appreciate forum - someone will know!


Started an application last year but didn’t complete it then got an email this year to apply but on my own health kick at the mo so didn’t feel it was right.
Looking forward to the new series.


It’s been very popular. Hope SSiW can collaborate more with stuff like this.


Beca, this is very loosely connected. I don’t suppose you saw a BBC Cymru Fyw article at the end of last year about a podcast by new parents did you? If you did, any chance you remember it’s name??? I’ve lost the article and can’t for the life of me remember it’s name

EDIT: writing this post reminded me where I’d shared it! So have now found it. It’s Bwyta Cysgu Crio.

Sorry for the aside :joy: thanks for the jog :joy:


Wow that truly is amazing - what a piece of work that is! :open_mouth:

Rich :slight_smile:


Yes they look great. Im trying to find an excuse for a visit as she isn’t far from us. . Also to the lady in Llanelli who specialises in Stained/leaded lights glass.


I’ve been meaning to catch up with this. Have you listened to it? Much love to the new baby, incidentally. Is his name Trystan?


Diolch yn fawr iawn! :blush: he is indeed, Trystan Wyn Cusack. Stealing hearts and sleep since January 20th.
I haven’t started the podcast yet, that’ll be next week’s walks to work I think.


Hi all! Arfon Jones Pt.2 is up - no.43 in the Beca a’i Phobl section.
A fascinating insight into modern slavery in rural north Wales…
And let’s see how you do with the tongue-twister that is ‘de-criminalisation’ in Welsh…! :flushed:


First 2 episodes are great! Very funny, easy listen.


Sorry for the recent silence folks - I’m battling a lurgy of the stomach cramps variety at the moment. It’s not much fun!


Hope you make a speedy recovery!


Brysia wella


O bechod! Cymer ofal a brysia wella!


Diolch pawb. Turns out I have a kidney infection - it’s not much fun!


Uh sorry about that! Get well soon!


Gad i ni wybod os fedran ni roi help llaw efo unrhyw beth, a brysia wella :sleeping_bed: :coffee: