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Hi there, they should all have translations? Which one have you tried?


Hi all, ep 5 of Caru, Paru and Galaru is up :rainbow:


Clwb Tyfu002, 003 and 004


Ah, the Clwb Tyfu are an older thing, that we semi-revived at a point when Beca was ill and needed some time off… you’d be better going straight to the Beca a’i Phobl content, all of which has translations…

@neil-pyper ahem, blush, not so much a ‘plan’ as a faintly remembered intention, but we do now have the boots on the ground to implement, so I’ll whisper in a particular ear… :wink:


I’d recommend 019 Nan Humphries. She’s from Ceredigion, so not a northener , and she has a really clear voice - you might not even need the transcript and translation…


Leisa does such a strong trill on the ‘r’ in reili in this, I swear she has managed to fit a ‘d’ sound into it - it’s very impressive! :smile:

It definitely makes me suffer from trill envy! :flushed:

Rich :slight_smile:


I have just listened to this one and agree completely. I understood almost all of it the first time, which is a real confidence boost!


Haha, yes she does! As I may have mentioned before, her acting training puts great emphasis on diction so every letter should be clear. So, trill-envy, eh! That’s a new one! It puts me in mind of budgies!


Ep5 of Caru, Paru and Galaru was really interesting. I struggled a bit the first time I listened to it, got a lot more when I listedned after reading the transcript, and got pretty much all of it when I listened after reading the translation. It was nice confirmation that the suggested approach to this material works!

Thanks @beca-brown! Do you have any plans to publish the whole story once it is finished?


Oh, I SO have that.


I would love to… if someone will publish it! I intend to get the eps out quicker during lockdown as I can’t do the Sgyrsiau as easily. But yes, September is usually the time for Book Council grants… so who knows!


:joy::joy: rrrrrrrr!


This certainly delivers the laughs - the dialogue is gggrrrêt! I got some of it the first time and a second slice the next!

…it’s funny thing - I found it before - when you have Wenglish included In speach (which seems to work really well for comedy) - it can throw you.

As a learner you are initially concentrating hard and listening for Welsh words and thinking what they might be/ mean - and then having failed to spark with a translation your brain suddenly realises it’s phonetic English word! :smile:

…and of course there’s the ever present danger of the conversation having moved on by the time you’ve twigged…

…excellent practice again!

Thank you

Rich :slight_smile:


So proud of myself with this one, especially considering how, when I started, your voice used to rattle past my ear, @beca-brown. Because it was short, I listened to it several times, one after the other, without looking at the transcript. I looked up three or four words I didn’t knpw, and by the end I had unravelled all three mini stories! [happy dance]

I’m noticing, too, that when I go back and listen to older Beca a’i Phobl, I can almost always follow your voice, even when I struggle with the guest’s accent. So after two years I have definitely tuned into your voice, if nothing else!


If you don’t get a grant, I’m sure we could look at taking on an indie publishing project… :slight_smile:


Happy dance indeed!! That’s great news. I will be writing more very soon - the last couple of weeks have been so busy with responding to people wanting to learn Welsh in lockdown and media queries re Iaith ar Daith! Normal service resumed soon!


Yes I’m aware that the Wenglish can require you to tune in differently, and I pondered long about whether to include it or not - but it’s how people speak. I’ve kept the other series more ‘correct’, so to speak, so you’re getting both flavours!


Hi all - sorry for not posting anything new yet - it’s been a crazy couple of weeks with lots of new people joining, and then lots of press interest in Iaith ar Daith. Did you catch the first programme?


About advanced content, I still have an awful lot with the old ones - so me personally, I’ve got no problem if I have a bit more time to catch up. :grin:

About the the programme…yep! :wink:


…Nice little plug for SSIW on Radio Cymru y bore 'ma @beca-brown ! :wink:

Good work!

Rich :slight_smile: