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Published: new advanced content


Haha! Well spotted! Just peddling my wares again…! :slight_smile:


Ha, ha - and you almost crashed the news bulletin ! :smile:

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Not even the pips can stop me from extolling the greatness of SSiW!! :wink::rofl:


Hi all a new ep of Caru, Paru a Galaru is up - episode 6 - and a further two will be up tomorrow. Enjoy and hope you’re all keeping well and safe :rainbow:


Hi folks, episode 7 is up, and 8 will be up tomorrow. Hope you enjoy


Hi all, episode 8 is up :blush:


Diolch yn fawr - this will be my mid-morning treat today!


You have my commiserations! :rofl:
Another ep of Dyddiadur Dynes Desbret will be up today too, if I can pin down the actress who is currently prepping for auditions over Zoom!


Great! I have just listen to and read the latest episode. Stori hyfryd!


Hi all! So there’s another ep of Dyddiadur Dynas Desbret up, and there’s to be a bit of a change from now on… drum roll!
As there is now a large body of content with both transcripts and translations, I’m now moving on to produce content with transcripts and vocab only for the fiction, and just vocab for the Sgyrsiau.
Don’t run away! I think many of you are definitely ready for this step, and as we have this thread here and individual threads for each individual piece of work, you are welcome and positively encouraged to ask any questions here or on those specific threads.
So let’s see what happens! Let me know how you go…


Thankyou. Nice format.


Thank you - I think this is a good move, and I really enjoyed the latest episode!


Just in case you’re interested, it’s the week of what would have been the National Eisteddfod yr Urdd, the league of youth Eisteddfod - but obviously it’s off, as is everything else. In its place there’s an Eisteddfod T - the ‘T’ representing ‘ti’, ‘tŷ’ and ‘technoleg’ - i.e an Eisteddfod where the young people compete from home. There is a main ceremony every day, awarded to young composers, poets etc; and today is Seremoni Dysgwr y Flwyddyn! It’s being judged and presented by the fantastic Nia Parry and will be happening at aroumfy 4, 4.30 ish today, live on S4C. Or you can catch up on Clic/iPlayer.


Nia and the three learners who came to the final


Hi folks! Two more eps of Dyddiadur Dynas Desbret are up :blush:


Hi again! Just to let you know that a Deg y Dysgwyr series with our very own @Hendrik is up! Obviously I was unable to record in the usual manner, but Hendrik very kindly recorded his answers. I’ve added pdfs of the questions and some vocab. And there might be a further piece with Hendrik over Zoom too…


Great stuff from my old bwtcamp mate. Cheers @Hendrik. Fairplay. Didn’t know you had visited sunny Pembs before we’d met. Maybe I forgot. Your welcome back anytime. Stay safe :+1:


Every time I come back to Advanced material after a break, I’m a bit lost - and it seems I’m not the only one, so I’ve decided to make some reminders!



That’s good! I’ve just removed Clwb Tyfu so that should help, and I’ll add some explainers to the introductory text. Hope this helps :crossed_fingers:t3:


Hi all - there’s a new item up in Advanced called Dyddiadur Bethan Gwanas - all very exciting! You all know of Bethan and many of you will be familiar with her books - and as you may know she’s been a great friend of SSiW for many years. She will be doing a monthly audio diary for us with accompanying vocab, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy her contributions. I am in the process of commissioning a number of people to contribute to Advanced Content - and yes, half of them will be from South Wales, to make up for the Gog-overkill…!
I will announce them as they are confirmed, but I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed…