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Published: new advanced content


Exciting stuff :grinning:


Yeah, that seems clearer to me! :ok_hand:

Although this makes my summary above immediately outdated - I’l have to do a new version right away! :sweat_smile:


Ooo Bethan Gwenas sounds interesting doesn’t she :smile:…it is so interesting to put a voice to an author isn’t it!? :thinking:…and I suppose - not surprisingly she is funny and engaging - like her books!

I finished ‘Hi yw fy ffrind’ not so long ago - a very engaging and funny story.

How brilliant it will be to have a monthly contribution from Bethan - Gwych!..and thank you.

Rich :slight_smile:


Wow - this is fantastic!


I don’t know her books but I’m pretty sure I saw her as a guest in one of Parti Bwyd Beca’s episodes (and she was funny there as well)! :smile:
p.s. Oh, not this Beca @beca-brown, the Tv- cooking one!


Just listened to this. It is fab. Thank you!


Just keeping you on your toes…! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Good isn’t it!


Yes quite possibly. And yes she’s a proper character. She’s written quite a few books for learners, the Blodwen Jones series being the best known.


Yes, we’re really lucky to have her. Looking forward to the next one now!


One more lesson to go then I’ll have finished level 3 and finally onto the Advanced Content. Hwre! I’ve been lucky enough to meet Bethan twice. The second time in Dolgellau when @nia.llywelyn organised a Dwirnod Allan. I hadn’t read any of her books then but she was absolutely hilarious both times and such a keen supporter of Welsh learners. I’ve just read Yn ei Gwsg (diolch @Cetra) which had me giggling out loud and have several of her more advanced books waiting to be started. Also enjoyed seeing her on Adre with Nia Parry so very much looking forward to her contributions with SS thank you @beca-brown


Oh wow, congratulations on your achievement! I look forward to welcoming you to Advanced Content land! If you’re unsure of anything I’m always knocking around the forum, so happy to help with any questions you may have.
There’s a short explanation at the top of the Advanced section, but feel free to ask for more details.


Thanks @beca-brown and thanks especially for the signpost to the explanation. I usually use the App, so this forced me onto the website to find it where it became clearer how to proceed. Pretty chuffed to have understood Deg y Dysgwyr 1, only needing the transcript for a couple of things like ‘not that it matters’ and ‘or maybe you don’t’. Handy natural conversation fillers. Love them!

I was worried at first that I wouldn’t understand because of the background noises but, of course, this just makes everything more natural and helps tune the ear. SSiW in the car or a Welsh lesson are very different from the real world, so this is another helpful part of the process. Diolch yn fawr iawn


The first Dyddiadur Bethan Gwanas is brilliant, thank you! :slight_smile: Looking forward to the next one! :slight_smile:


Yes it was great and relatively easy to understand. Fetlo is now my fave new word. Well, after the confirming end tag “Leic”, which I heard on the Bois y Rhondda documentary. Can I use it as a question mark as well, like?


Oh well done, so glad you’ve found them useful. Yes that’s the only thing with the app, you don’t get the explainers there, and as the content grows and develops there’ll be more need for them… something for us to think about…
Thanks for the feedback


I don’t see why not! Haven’t watched Bois y Rhondda yet but I hear it’s very good.


Glad you liked it!


I watched Bois y Rhondda last night, after @JohnYoung posted about it on Facebook. It was a great programme, and quite a distinctive accent (though pretty clear, and helped by quite a lot of Wenglish)!


The shorter pieces definitely seem to be more manageable and accessible, and it’s nice to also have the longer conversations to go back to when feeling like a real challenge!