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Totally feeling the frustration of Bethan Gwanas with the IT equipment not playing along [and I worked with IT equipment for my whole career!] I’d offer to help, but we are still in a Five Mile Bubble at present. And a career in IT is no immunity against a NEW IT problem, because Technology seems to keep coming up with new ways to re-invent the Wheel - and the System Error!

Meanwhile, closer to home (I am fortunate, like Beca, in living in the most Welsh-Speaking place in the entire world) … I find myself wrth ymyl y clogwyn [beside the cliff edge] wondering what will come to pass between Enfys and Seimon next … If there were, perchance, some further episodes of “Paru, Caru a Galaru” … well, all I can do is [like at the end of a music gig] chant "MWY! MWY … "


Hi Bob! Loving that you’re ‘ar ymyl y clogwyn’!! I shall be recording more of these very shortly! So glad you’re enjoying them!


Hi all! So there’s another Dyddiadur Dynas Desbret up - episode 6 - and there’s the first piece of what will be a monthly contribution from broadcaster and comedian Daniel Glyn. Daniel is very well-known as a stand-up comedian, tv presenter and he currently has a Saturday morning show on Radio Cymru 2, where he will be bigging up SSiW! He’s very excited about being an SSiW contributor, so I really hope you enjoy his work. Dan is a first-language Welsh speaker who was brought up in Cardiff where he still lives, and went to Welsh-medium school Glantaf. So that’s a bit about him! Enjoy.


These are great, thanks Beca! :slight_smile:


Enjoyed listening to Dan and read the transcript but doesn’t seem to be a translation available. :man_shrugging:


Loved this. Really enjoying the various styles and dialects of these different items now.

Here’s what I use for all written material, in case helpful:
Modern Welsh Dictionary: G King
Reading Welsh: GD & N Lewis
GPC on-line Dictionary
Advanced Content Footnotes


John, what do you mean by advanced content footnotes. Are you referring to the vocab and transcripts? Many thanks!


Hi Neil.
Yes on the later transcripts of actual interviews (no harm in looking ahead) -
The last page is generally a glossary so far. So stuff like 'lly short for “Felly” meaning “so” as you know but also thrown in at the end of a sentence (more like Irish “So it is”). Handy things like that.


Absolutely - thank you! Thanks also for the recommendation of the Reading Welsh book. I have bought it and it is really helpful!


When will the translation of Dan’s talk be added, please?




Hi there, there will be vocab going up of Dan’s talk and also a new Bethan Gwanas piece with transcript and vocab going up tomorrow. I’ll let you know when they’re both up.


Hi folks! For those of you asking about Daniel Glyn’s vocab - that’s up now. Also the second Bethan Gwanas piece is up recounting her father’s recent illness. You may know of her father - one of Wales’ best known singers, Tom Gwanas. Hope you enjoy!


Diolch @beca-brown! The Bethan Gwanas pieces are brilliant! :slight_smile:


I’ve been lazy for quite a while, but summer is Welsh time for me, so I’m back on Advanced content too! :smile:
I’ve started today with Daniel Glyn and I was a bit confused at first cause I hadn’t understood the first sentence that was basically the key to understand the connection between what appeared as totally different topics to me at first listen. :dizzy_face:
Once I got that it, it was fun - I loved the humour!

I’m also very satisfied with my general understanding - the only word I really couldn’t figure is “byse” (help anyone?) and the huge improvement in my ability to read - that I actually used to hate. :sweat_smile: -

I really appreciate these shorter “episodes”: it’s way more manageable than first interviews, which I’m sure I’ll fully appreciate someday, but for now…this is just fine for me!

p.s. the website page just drives me crazy, so I’ve decided to spend a little time to reorganize things locally so I can easily find what I want to do!
(just started today, if anyone wants a copy, let me know) :wink:


I would love a copy please…


And so would I, if i may.


@mikewilliams-1 and @SteakAndEggs

if you’d like to test the first page send me an e-mail of yours in a private message, where I can send it to you to see if/how it works!

note: it’s a very small file - the actual mp3 and pdf must be downloaded from the SSiW website, this just helps finding/using them easily! Should work on any computer (not tested on mobile phones or tablets)


@Kinetic - how much work would it be to get a set up like this live on the advanced content page? It has got a pretty long way out of control now…


Well my test is an html page done in a few minutes with a free drag & drop html editor - therefore the resulting code is a bit dirty and messy and might not be too easy for Beca to add new stuff; but if it can be useful as an inspiration let me know and I can send it anywhere)!