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Totally feeling the frustration of Bethan Gwanas with the IT equipment not playing along [and I worked with IT equipment for my whole career!] I’d offer to help, but we are still in a Five Mile Bubble at present. And a career in IT is no immunity against a NEW IT problem, because Technology seems to keep coming up with new ways to re-invent the Wheel - and the System Error!

Meanwhile, closer to home (I am fortunate, like Beca, in living in the most Welsh-Speaking place in the entire world) … I find myself wrth ymyl y clogwyn [beside the cliff edge] wondering what will come to pass between Enfys and Seimon next … If there were, perchance, some further episodes of “Paru, Caru a Galaru” … well, all I can do is [like at the end of a music gig] chant "MWY! MWY … "


Hi Bob! Loving that you’re ‘ar ymyl y clogwyn’!! I shall be recording more of these very shortly! So glad you’re enjoying them!


Hi all! So there’s another Dyddiadur Dynas Desbret up - episode 6 - and there’s the first piece of what will be a monthly contribution from broadcaster and comedian Daniel Glyn. Daniel is very well-known as a stand-up comedian, tv presenter and he currently has a Saturday morning show on Radio Cymru 2, where he will be bigging up SSiW! He’s very excited about being an SSiW contributor, so I really hope you enjoy his work. Dan is a first-language Welsh speaker who was brought up in Cardiff where he still lives, and went to Welsh-medium school Glantaf. So that’s a bit about him! Enjoy.


These are great, thanks Beca! :slight_smile: